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    Hi! I'm Rainy_Daze. I'm a creative player who does most work on creative servers or in single player. If you meet me on a creative server, I will probably be respectful, helpful, and busy giving vivacious speeches of hope and inspiration to anyone who thinks they aren't good at building or doesn't have any ideas. If you meet me on survival, I'll probably be a little crazier and less willing to talk about myself or others, rather discussing the world or what to do. I'll probably ask to team up with you, because I started Minecraft playing on peaceful and have not yet adapted to survival; however, it's only caves, mines, and strongholds that I fear - I'll tackle creepers and Endermen and spider jockeys and dungeons eagerly. On a prison server, I'll be the one asking a million questions. I don't get prison servers, even though I've been to six. As in the creative server, no matter how crazy I get, I will also be pretty serious at times or will not be unruly at the least. True, I may easily decide to bounce around throwing eggs at creepers and throwing lapis at people's faces. But I will never begin to scream curses at someone who's angered me or steal from someone else. Additionally, I will be as helpful as I can on survival/prison servers and will try to stop fights or give new people food or other supplies. No matter what type of server I'm on, I will most likely be the one talking a lot. I like to socialize on Minecraft. If I annoy you, feel free to tell me to shut up.Now, there are other things about me as well that you should know. For one, I am a redditor, still named Rainy_Daze. I passionately defend my friends, family, and the beliefs I hold dear - but I can discuss almost all other topics, even politics, with anyone who has different beliefs on the subjects and remain calm. I love dragons and, if you find me on a creative server, I will probably be making a dragon of some sort or any other fantasy situation. I love to write, and on survival servers I will enter any book-writing contests or can frequently be found asking for leather, sugarcane, paper, books, ink sacs, and/or feathers.  There is one last thing you must know about me if you were ever to meet me. I have OCD, not the have-to-flick-a-lever-twenty-times-before-leaving-room type but the you-brought-up-this-topic-and-never-finished-talking-about-it-oh-god-keep-talking type, so if you drop something abruptly I will probably pester you to keep talking. And I am not extremely social in the "scary, dangerous real world;" as a result I don't deal well with people. In general I can make friends and all the typical things, but there are times when, stressed over something or frustrated, sick or tired, I will snap and I will be as vicious as my not-exactly-vicious mind can make me. So I must apologize in advance, for my fury and for my pestering.  Thanks for reading. This is probably going to be the most I ever write on this website, so I'm not even sure why you're reading the page. Oh well. Thanks, either way.
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