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    Hello! My name is ♦ℜivanna16♦.

    I'm a sometimes normal, sometimes weird teen girl who happens to be crazy about Minecraft.


    I tend to make fantasy warrior skins of various types, but also sometimes do more sci fi themed skins.

    Skin Trades: OPEN!
    Skin Requests: READ BELOW

    Skin Request Details -- Please Read!!
    I have decided to close requests for a bit because most of them are "generic teen" skins and aren't the kind of skins I want to make. There are plenty of "generic teen" skinners on pmc but not very many who do female fantasy warriors as their main theme.

    ...But I do take suggestions! Go ahead and pm me or comment if there is a skin you want me to make but please know that I am unlikely to do it if it is a generic teen skin. I prefer making more complicated fantasy type skins.

    UPDATE: I'm taking a break from requests/suggestions for a bit. You can still message me is you like, but I probably won't do it unless I really like the idea.

    Old request info

    Please leave a comment or PM me if there is

    a skin you would like me to make. It can
    take a few days for me to finish a skin, so
    please be patient. Please note I don't do
    every request that is given to me. Also,
    since I usually only do human/female skins,
    if you request something outside what I
    normally do I probably won't do it. Although
    if you request a human/male skin I might still
    try to do it, but the shading may not be as
    good as on the rest of my skins. Sorry. =p

    Also, if there is a skin you made that you
    want me to shade/reshade I'm open for
    that also!

    Things I Like ♥
    • Singing
    • Dancing
    • Making up stories
    • Drawing
    • Cookies
    • Fashion design
    • 3D computer animation (I'm still just learning, but it's fun!)
    • Listening to music
    • MINECRAFT!!! (Well, duh... why else would I have an account here?)
    • Playing Pokémon Go
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    ◊ - Goals - ◊
    10 subs ()
    50 subs ()
    100 subs ()
    200 subs ()
    300 subs ()
    400 subs ( ) meetup?
    500 subs ( ) raffle or contest?
    600 subs ( ) meetup?
    700 subs ( )
    800 subs ( )
    900 subs ( )
    1000 subs ( ) contest?
    6432 subs ( ) <-- yeah like that'll ever happen -.-
    Oblivion subscribing () Um its a goal of mine so I guess I'll put it here...

    My Fandoms
    • Doctor Who
    • Harry Potter
    • The Lightning Thief
    • STAR WARS! (I mean, who doesn't like Star Wars?)
    • Star Trek (The Original Series and The Next Generation)
    • How To Train Your Dragon
    • LOTR
    • Pokémon
    • MINECRAFT!!! (Does this count? Never mind. It counts.)
    Render Credits
    Diamond sword model by ShmowZow
    Texture pack: Fortune and Glory by Kyctarniq
    Models/rigs by YouthDigital
    Skins by me (duh :P)

    Profile Pic:
    Diamond sword model by ShmowZow
    Model/rig by Timster488
    Skin by me (super duh >.<)
  • Wall Posts

    • Rivanna16
      March 25, 2017, 10:46 am to Public
      Finally got another skin posted! That certainly took me long enough...

      I realized recently that my problem isn't only not having a lot of time for skinning, it's also that when I do have time I spend it on designing new skins rather than shading completed designs. Right now I have like four fully completed base skin designs that I haven't gotten around to shading yet. I'll work on shading and uploading those next.
      ...Hopefully. :P
      Rivanna16 said 2017-03-25 13:11:03
      Update: I literally just made ANOTHER base skin design... So you know how people sometimes have problems with not enough inspiration? I seem to have the opposite. I keep using up the energy I could use shading something on making new designs! XD
    • Rivanna16
      March 20, 2017, 9:05 pm to Public
      Skinning is moving slowly. It's been a few days since I worked on shading the skin I'm currently making, and I'm not really sure when I'll get it finished. Sorry again that I've been inactive for ages. x.x
      Beverly said 2017-03-21 07:44:25
      That's all anyone can do. <3
      Rivanna16 said 2017-03-21 07:42:07
      Thanks, I'll do my best. c;
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    • Rivanna16 shared Beverly's post
      March 16, 2017, 8:39 am with Public
      This really struck a chord with me, as recently(ish) a now former friend and I drifted apart after a couple unfortunate events, some of which were completely out of my control.
      March 13, 2017, 3:28 pm to Public
      "There are six distinct rules which set apart family from friends:

      1. Family makes time for each other, and when they cannot, they explain.

      2. Family never lies to each other. Nor do they make foolish excuses for their shortcomings or failures.

      3. Family shows grace and mercy.

      4. Family never abandons. Ever.

      5. Family always supports, encourages, loves, and cares.

      6. Family is forever."

      - Unknown
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      Rivanna16 said 2017-03-16 08:56:17
      Thanks, and don't worry, I'm doing much better these days. :)
      Beverly said 2017-03-16 08:45:48
      I'm very sorry.
    • Rivanna16
      March 15, 2017, 1:42 pm to Public
      So recently I've been a bit stressed out over my schoolwork/life and haven't gotten around to skinning a whole ton. I'm still working on things to post but it's going to be a little before they're finished. Sorry about that. I though I'd better let you guys know whats going on and why I've been kind of inactive for a while. :P

      But don't worry, if I have any luck I'll have another skin up in a few days!
      Labyrinth said 2017-03-15 13:52:49
      Can't wait! ^-^
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