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Minecraft: theInsanePixel

Hello! It seems you are exploring my profile. That's cool! What about I will try to convice you to stay here longer? Yes? So first something about me:

Where are you from? - I am from Poland
What is your age? - 22
What is your profession? - I am a graphic designer
What is your hobby? - Minecraft of course!

In my free time I love to build in minecraft, that's part of my life. Why I have this account? Because I want share my knowledge and building style with you! That's right I post my stuff here and you can download it or watch a tutorial on my YouTube account! Sounds awesome right? My biggest project at this moment is Gothicraft. Gothic II map build completely from nothing in Minecraft. Don't worry! On my profile you will learn more than one building style! Modern, medieval, western and more! That's not so much? What about vehicles tutorials? Even cars from famous TV shows and movies! I hope you are not bored. That's all from me, now it is your turn to show some love, and stay subscribed to me! Thank you for reading this. Take care and stay Insane!

My goals:

- 10 subscribers undefined
- 25 subscribers undefined
- 50 subscribers undefined
- 100 subsribers undefined
- 150 subscribers undefined

- level 10 undefined
- level 25 undefined
- level 50 undefined
- level 100 undefined

If you want to help me, here's donation button. Money from donation is for new PC to make all my buildings look better and for better YouTube videos quality.

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