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    | myra | female | christian | teenager, maybe | for requests, see sidebar | high score: 11,167 | IGN: WheatleyScience |

    There's someone named Myra_ in Minecraft who ISN'T ME!

    If you're interested in making fan art, please base it on one of these skins!

    Portal Stamp by Jeff2psyco

    Friends ♥
    A list of my fandoms, in no particular order
    Harry Potter
    The Hunger Games
    The Avengers
    (marvel master race tbh)
    and i used to be really into How To Train Your Dragon

    there's probably a ton of stuff i'm forgetting but that'll do for now
    Some more in-depth info on me
    I'm Myra, and I like airplanes.

    My native language is American English, but I'm conversational/nearly fluent in Swedish as well. \

    I'm not picky about pronouns. Yes, I'm a cis female, but I'm not going to get my undies in a twist if you call me "he", "they", or even "hamburger". Your word choices do not affect my gender. ;)

    I'm a southern conservative republican (who kind of loves political debate), and I'll stand up for what I believe in. However, that doesn't mean I'll attack you for disagreeing with me, as long as you don't attack first.

    I'm an INTJ-type personality, which is apparently very rare in females. (That's the same personality type as Gandalf, Vladimir Putin, and Katniss Everdeen, for your information.)

    No, Myra is not my real name; it's the name of my Diablo 3 character that has been my online persona for going on five years.
    I play a lot of Diablo 3, a lot of Minecraft. a lot of XCOM 2, some Rift, and a lot of Portal. Add me on Steam if you ever want to co-op. If you play XCOM 2 on the PS4, PM me and I'll give you my PS name.

    I'm literally the hardest person ever to offend. Try me.

    I'm not open to interviews at this time, but if you want me to interview you, we might could arrange something.

    My music tastes vary wildly; I love Imagine Dragons, Bastille, OK Go, Of Monsters and Men, all four of the emo quartet (Chemical Fall Out Pilots at the Disco, as me and my mom call it), and pretty much anything dubstep/EDM.

    I use the contraction "y'all" a lot. I'm not trying to be cool or anything, that's just how I talk. You should hear me in real life.

    If you ever (EVER) want to play Minecraft with me, seriously, don't be shy about asking. There is literally never a time when I DON'T want to play with some new friends. (Which you are. Regardless of who you are.) If you're too lazy to actually set up a date to play with me (I totally feel ya) just hang around on Mineplex's Draw My Thing and you'll find me eventually, since that's about all I do.

    I also have a WIP book, Stormborn, that I hope to publish someday. (It's only in the secondary editing phase, so it might be a little while, in which 'a little while' means 'somewhere between six months and five years'.)

    And I really like airplanes.

    --Scroll Down for Gifs--

    game glitch gif

    game glitch gif
    creepy video game gltiches arm
    Entry 14
    creepy video game gltiches big bird

  • Request Information

    I DO take some requests, although they're mostly on hold until April, due to cosplay work (see my YouTube channel below).
    They're free, and they will all be posted to my public PMC page, unless I'm not satisfied with them, or unless you specify otherwise.

    Some things I prefer NOT to make:
    – Anime skins of any kind
    – Most male skins (there are exceptions to this)
    – Supa qt stereotypical kawaii gurls (particularly the ones with animal ears)
    – ANY REQUESTS THAT YOU'VE SENT TO ANYONE ELSE. If you're already getting one skin, you don't need another one from someone else. You can't wear two skins at once. Particularly two skins of the same thing.

    Some things I particularly enjoy making:
    – People with armor of any kind
    – Characters from Portal, Diablo, and Overwatch (the latter because honestly Blizzard's character design is 11/10)
    – Female versions of male characters or human versions of nonhuman characters
    – Skins based on abstract drawings
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