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    #Pokemon :D
    any who, im a nerd! I have ALWAYS loved gaming and when i was younger I loved to watch my brother play PE Minecraft. I rember always asking him questions like "Hey, What are you doing" "Whats that?" and so on. Then i was old enough to use a computer I really wasnt good at it and i was super mad so i didnt play it. Then about a year or two ago i was like I REALLY WANNA DO THIS. but i didnt have an account so i used my brothers then a Year ago i go my own at winter time. It was a small paper i was like "Mom.... wha-" I Look at what was highlighted and saw the name i picked: Live_love_game. After a while i got really good and decided to change my name to xXStarlightPvPXx and i got teased beacause there was a xXExtreemPvPXx then xXToxic_starXx came THENNNNNNNNN Voidest_

    Ow my hands hurt from typeing XDDDD well thanks for reading Bye gamers!
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