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Minecraft: yisewalton


Hey there! I see you've found stumbled upon my profile! Maybe it was a miss-click? It wasn't!? Well, All you'll find here is blogs. That's what you've come for? That's great news! I'm Yisewalton, A gnome, as you can probably tell and I love blogging, it's what I was born to do. I like to think that I am a.. original blogger because I like to make my blogs fun. Yes, that's right.. Fun! I'm a busy Gnome so I usually blog once every two-three weeks. I hope to reduce this time in the future, however, at this point in time, I cannot. Make sure to subscribe for more blogs in the future, I welcome everyone!

Fan Art

Created By: FrostyShake01

Created By: Ludicrous

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Special Thanks to:

CNCminecraft - For letting me interview them
FrostyShake01 - For the Fan Art
Ludicrous - For a forum signature and Art
Hobo Joe - For being a good friend and a great supporter

Subscriber Credit

And a big, Massive thanks to all my subscribers as well! Each and every one of them has supported me and still support me through my blogging journey! They're what keeps me going. But rememeber, it's not too late to join the in the fun! Subscribe now, it's easy!

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