[1.5] FlintCraft v2.7 - More updates to follow soon...

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Level 39 : Artisan Enderdragon
Ever wondered why flint in Minecraft has so little use? I mean arrows and flint and steel, and that's it?! This mod adds Flint weapons, tools, armor and more...flintcraftspng

Flint kZjcpng

-Flint armor is between iron and leather, in durability and protection.
-Flint tools can destroy everything stone can, have a durability between stone and iron, is as fast as iron, is more enchantable than iron, stone and diamond.
-Flint swords are as powerful as iron, and have a durability between stone and iron.
-Flint can be crafted from 9 gravel in a crafting table. This makes 4 flint.

Sharpened Flint UAhkpng

-Sharpened flint is now crafted from 6 flint, like so:
  • flintpng
  • flintpngflintpng
  • flintpngflintpngflintpng
-Sharpeners are powered with one piece of redstone per 10 flint sharpened.
-Sharpened flint tools can destroy everything diamond can, have low durability, between wood and stone, but the cutting speed of gold, and are as enchantable as regular flint tools.
-The sword is similar, with an attack power of diamond, but low durability.

Tempered Flint pNZRpng

-Tempered flint armor is between iron and diamond, in both protection and durability.
-Tempered flint is made in a furnace, by smelting flint.

-Flint hatchets have a very low durability, and a slightly lower cutting speed than flint axes.
-Sharpened flint hatchets have an even lower durability, but a faster cutting speed than flint hatchets.
-Both can be crafted in a 2x2 square and require less resources than axes.




Why not give a diamond with your download, it really does inspire me to make more mods, which you can easily find by subscribing to me :)


  1. Install ModLoader
  2. Install in the same way you installed ModLoader, by placing all the files into your minecraft.jar
  3. OPTIONAL: Edit the properties file to your needs (After first run).
  4. Post some feedback on this thread :)

Alternative Textures

  • If you want to use some higher resolution textures, you can download this patch for Sphax's PureBDCraft (That will hopefully be added to the main pack soon).
  • To use it, download PureBDCraft texture pack (128x only at the moment), move the whole /lun3x folder into the PureBDCraft .zip and move the images in the /gui folder to the /gui folder in the texture pack, and the images in the /armor folder into the /armor folder in the texture pack.
  • Thanks to PantherX for the armour, tools and weapons. I just made the gui and the sharpener block PureBDCraft textures.
sharpenerpng sharpenerbackpng sharpenertoppng sharpenersidepng
Progress: 100% Complete
Game Version:Minecraft 1.5
Tags:Flint, Craft, Sharp, Sharpener, Armor, Tool, Weapon, 666mayhem666, Lun3x, New Content, Sharpened, Tempered, Modloader, PureBDCraft, Minecraft

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Level 1
New Crafter
April 23, 2013, 8:10 am

Cool mod !

Level 1
New Miner
April 11, 2013, 4:41 am

Must have the 1.5.1 update!Don't forget it please
I really want to try this mod as soon as possible :D
( Diamond for you )

Level 7
Apprentice Miner
March 22, 2013, 10:09 pm

everyone this is an amazing mod diamond it. i haven't even downloaded it yet and it looks amazing. it should be very popular. good mod man

Level 1
New Crafter
February 14, 2013, 9:34 pm

 It's A Pretty Good Mod, And If You Ask Me, It Needs More Diamonds Than It Has

Diamond And Fave

Level 16
Journeyman Nerd
January 13, 2013, 7:39 pm

Who else thought it said flirt craft

Level 1
New Crafter
November 16, 2012, 7:00 pm

1.4.4? Working?

Level 1
New Miner
November 3, 2012, 4:14 pm

NIce mod man!

Level 5
Apprentice Miner
August 21, 2012, 2:10 pm

do i have to delete META-INF

Level 1
New Miner
August 25, 2012, 8:37 pm


Level 39
Artisan Enderdragon
August 21, 2012, 11:15 pm

You should have already deleted it when you installed ModLoader.

Level 5
Apprentice Miner
August 26, 2012, 3:44 pm

i'm derpy, sorry :3

Level 4
Apprentice Miner
August 19, 2012, 1:32 pm

the install Wont work for me

Level 30
Artisan Taco
April 4, 2012, 6:28 pm

If all your mods are compatible, can you make it into a modpack? Or if you don't want to, can I make it?

Level 13
Journeyman Farmer
March 29, 2012, 7:22 pm

I don't ike the tempered flint. I mean, the regular flint is like stone, then you cook it, something insanely easy to do, and it becomes like iron. that part needs a bit of balancing.

I do like the sharpened flint part, though.

also, diamond for sphax

Level 26
Expert Blacksmith
December 5, 2011, 8:43 pm

nice video lol

Level 1
New Miner
December 3, 2011, 11:51 am

MAKE FOR 1.0.0!

Level 1
New Miner
November 7, 2011, 6:14 am

what is that orange flint thingness

Level 8
Apprentice Pony
April 4, 2012, 7:17 am

*Le Facepalm* Read the description

Level 2
Apprentice Miner
October 27, 2011, 12:38 pm


Level 3
Apprentice Crafter
October 12, 2011, 3:48 am

will i, will i?!?(put it into my modpack)

Level 18
Journeyman Toast
October 8, 2011, 5:06 pm

wow smart

Level 16
Journeyman Blockhead
October 8, 2011, 1:03 am

finily someone made it

Level 2
Apprentice Crafter
October 7, 2011, 11:33 pm

nice mod:D

halofreak ma
Level 4
Apprentice Artist
October 7, 2011, 6:37 pm

Why does the screen darken out after about 5 seconds?Like I mean the whole screen, if i minimize the game(Minecraft) my screen suddenly gets brighter and brighter

halofreak ma
Level 4
Apprentice Artist
October 8, 2011, 11:52 am

Nevermind its a lighting glitch from when tried the 1.9 pre3............

Level 7
Apprentice Architect
October 7, 2011, 6:10 pm

Awesome. Considering a mod spotlight.

Level 1
New Crafter
October 7, 2011, 6:08 pm

"Thanks for watching, here's an egg" No Chicken :(

Level 57
Grandmaster Modder
October 7, 2011, 5:55 pm


Level 66
High Grandmaster Artist
October 7, 2011, 5:17 pm

very nice, been wanting more use for all this damn flint

Level 1
New Miner
October 7, 2011, 3:00 pm

is sharpened flint the same as diamond?

Level 1
New Miner
October 7, 2011, 3:00 pm

wait no sharpened flint armor?

Level 32
Artisan Modder
October 8, 2011, 5:42 pm

well you wouldn't want to cut yourself would you?

Level 1
New Miner
November 7, 2011, 6:13 am

it would look epic tho muhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Level 1
New Miner
October 7, 2011, 2:29 pm

does this work with other mods?

Level 1
New Miner
October 7, 2011, 2:07 pm

I as well love this mod

Level 18
Journeyman Scribe
October 7, 2011, 1:03 pm

I love it!

1 - 36 of 36