Mo' Shovels 1.0 | 50+ Shovels

Level 76 : Legendary Herobrine
Download Mo' Pickaxes!

This mod adds over 50+ Shovels made out of Vanilla materials. (So the crafting recipes)

The video explains everything you need to know about this mod!

Common Shovels
  • Sand Shovel
  • Sandstone Shovel
  • Gravel Shovel
  • Mossy Stone Shovel
  • Dirt Shovel
  • Grass Shovel
  • Clay Shovel
  • Bone Shovel
  • Flint Shovel
  • Leather Shovel
  • Coal Shovel
  • Wool Shovel
  • Cactus Shovel
  • Red Mushroom Shovel
  • Brown Mushroom Shovel
  • Andesite Shovel
  • Diorite Shovel
  • Granite Shovel
Uncommon Shovels
  • Apple Shovel
  • Melon Shovel
  • Cake Shovel
  • Cocoabean Shovel
  • Bread Shovel
  • Mycelium Shovel
  • Nether Brick Shovel
  • Brick Shovel
  • Glass Shovel
  • Pumpkin Shovel
  • Redstone Shovel
  • Glow Stone Shovel
  • Soul Sand Shovel
  • End Stone Shovel
  • Netherrack Shovel
  • Sponge Shovel
  • Quartz Shovel
  • Ice Shovel
  • Prismarine Shovel
Rare Shovels
  • Golden Apple Shovel
  • Obsidian Shovel
  • Emerald Shovel
  • Mega Shovel
Epic Shovels
  • Notch Apple Shovel
  • Bedrock Shovel
  • Nether Star Shovel
  • Extreme Shovel
  • Anvil Shovel
Mythic Shovels (they have special abilities)
  • Lapis Lazuli Shovel
  • Magma Shovel
  • TNT Shovel
  • Ender Shovel
  • Snowball Shovel
  • Blaze Shovel
  • Slime Shovel
Terms and Conditions
1. You are not allowed to reupload this mod as yours.
2. You are allowed to post this mod on different Forums, Blogs ..., if you ask first.
3. You have to use the original download link of this mod on your post. If you have any problems with the link, contact me.
4. You are not allowed to copy any files from this mod.
You are allowed to make videos, posts or websites about this mod, but
you have to give me credits "by Soletare" is enough and provide a link
to the original post (Planet Minecraft or my website).
6. You are allowed to use this mod in your mod pack, if you give me credits and send me then a link to it!

7. Don't be afraid of making any content about this and share it with me.
8. Have fun!

If you are not follow this, I will give you one chance to fix it. If you still
won't make something, you will be banned and you'll get big problems.
Progress: 100% Complete
Game Version:Minecraft 1.11
Tags:Soletare, Minecraft Mo, More, Pickaxes, Shovels, New Content, Vanilla, Everything, New

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Nice,gonna check it out. I'll report any bugs I find.
  • Soletare
  • Level 76
  • Legendary Herobrine
  • February 27, 2017, 2:16 am
nice, thank you!

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