1.5 Automatic Tree Farm!

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Level 26 : Expert Crafter
Today I show you an automatic tree farm! All you have to do is plant the sapling and it'll automatically bonemeal it until it grows and automatically push the wood into a tight cube for easy harvest! Please note that this requires the minecraft 1.5

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Intro sounds from iLife Sound Effects
Name: Warp Engineering 04

Music in this video is made by Approaching Nirvana
Website: approachingnirvana.com/
Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/user/ApproachingNirvana
Song: Beer Remastered (Extended Mix)
iTunes: bit.ly/11jxQ5c
Song License: approachingnirvana.com/license
Progress: 100% Complete
Tags:Redstone, Block, Update, Detector, Block Update, Bud, Switch, Button, Fast, Compact, Small, 1wide, Snapshot, Invention, Contraption, Approaching Nirvana, Vertical, Furnace, Creation, Wheat, Farm, Auto, Automatic, Semiautomatic, Tree, Harvest, Fully, Redstone Device

Update #2 : 04/13/2013 7:42:36 am4/13/13

Deleted chunks save in the distance for smaller download :)

Update #1 : 04/13/2013 7:41:30 am4/13/13


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  • Peter-
  • Level 56
  • Grandmaster Engineer
  • April 13, 2013, 4:32 am
If you use mcedit to change the number of bonemeal in the dispenser to -1 there will be infinite.
cool design but on window you can have the automatic right click.

change the control to a key, then hit Alt. it only works with fullscreen off

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