Battleship Mini Game


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Battleship Mini Game

Battleship is a mini game where two to six players shoot fire balls at the other boat and try to blow up the other boat. A player can fire a cannon at the other boat or play defense and dump water on the boat to put out the fire. There are three targets on each boat, and a target is hit once it blows up. Once all three targets blow up on a boat, the game is over and the person who loses all the targets is the loser.

The actual boats are made by Stugace and I gave them working cannons and water and stuff.

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Additional Notes

If you decide to make a video of this please tell me!
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Tags:Battleship, Mini Game, Mini, Game, Cannon, Boat, Ship, Water, Redstone, Redstone Device

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whens the actual download coming out?
looks EPIC

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