Cliff Castle


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Level 26 : Expert Architect
I'm creating this castle on a cliff,

Maybe a will create a harbor next to it and a small city.
Progress: 50% Complete
Tags:Land Structure

Update #3 : 01/30/2013 6:58:10 pm1/30/13

created a maze.
4 levels!

Update #2 : 01/27/2013 2:57:31 pm1/27/13

decorating the inside now

Update #1 : 01/26/2013 1:16:08 pm1/26/13

i'm building it on my server


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  • klmmc13
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • July 22, 2015, 3:45 pm
Wanted to download, but Oh, Well......sigh
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The building itself has some great exterior designing. Perhaps viewing it from a nightly point of view to light up specific parts of the walls to highlight it to stand out more. The interior needs a great deal more development, rooms and floors would be an interesting development. Creating a path that leads away from the building to the ground level would be much more effective. I'm recruiting for a server if you're interested in joining, it's a creative whitelist server. Check it out at: http://dawningcreations.forumotion.ca/ if you want to join. Happy building!
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