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Level 26 : Expert Artist
On our server. we have two different rank routes. A survival rank route (For PVP, Factions, Survival stuff) and we have a Creative rank route, where they can go into the creative world and build. The first rank called Builder can only have access to building in the creative world, but also has to build legit, just so we can see what you're made of. The second rank in the Creative rank route Architect is almost like Builder, except you can fly in the creative world and has a awesome spawning kit you can use every few hours. The last rank, Engineer can go into creative mode and all of that sorts of stuff in the creative world.

This is the creative world's City is what we're building. Since this map probably, most likely will never get reset, we're trying our best to make it look good and organized. :) more coming soon!
Progress: 20% Complete
Tags:Land Structure

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