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Level 27 : Expert Pokemon
Hello everyone! This is my first custom-made map, even though it's for Minecraft - Pocket Edition. I would suggest the TARDIM texturepack, BlockLauncher (if you're on Android) or a jailbroken device with iMCPEdit (if you're on iOS). If you are on the computer version, this map WILL NOT WORK. The storyline:

Your TARDIS lands in an area unknown. It is made of blocks. You look around, thinking you must explore.

You look around. You see plenty of TARDISes. You decide you will look through them all.

You spend days collecting resources to survive. You spend nights fending off of dangerous creatures. You decide you need a sonic screwdriver.

You hike over to a big house. You see a TARDIS there, where the door should be. You think the screwdriver

must be somewhere hidden. You think. You think.

"The chimney!" You cry, when you get the idea. You climb up to the roof as fast as you can. You retrieve the sonic screwdriver.

It has been days. Weeks. Months. Maybe even years. You have lost sense of time, even with the TARDISes

surrounding you. You decide to stay at this mysterious land. You christen it Minecraftia.

That's the gist. This is NOT in the ReadMe, actually. So completely ignore and delete the ReadMe as soon as you download this pocket map. So, happy travelling!

Additional Notes

UnlimitedMind42 is the respectful owner of the TARDIM texturepack and map. Please download the map and give him a diamond. He did the best TARDIS in Minecraft I have ever seen. So thank you, UnlimitedMind42, for this wonderful map.

Doctor Who, TARDIS, Sonic Screwdriver, and all related names, objects, etc. are copyright BBC One. Thank you, BBC, for not sueing me.
Progress: 100% Complete
Tags:Challenge, Adventure

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Hey guys. Sorry about the short description:) This map is NOT compatible with Minecraft for computer. It must run on Minecraft - Pocket Edition. It is just a small exploration map with quite a few different TARDISes. Please use the TARDIM texturepack (created by UnlimitedMind42; thanks for this awesome pack!) for this thing to look realistic, or "The Doctor x32 Whovian Texture Pack" (another great pack, thank you!). Anyway, Allons-y!
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