Eiffel Tower


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This is the Eiffel Tower, aka L'Effie Tower (read it backwards) in our world Vokselia, hand-built and completed by Mauricio Vives on October 14, 2010. See the full description of how this model was made on his page, as well as more screenshots, videos, and the first (of many) 3D prints of it. This may not be the largest Eiffel - it was built back in the days when you could go only 64 high above sea level - but it's probably the most true to the original design, as the builder used the tower's plans to get the proportions and curves just right.

The schematic here is of a version slightly cleaned up from the original, extending the grounds a bit and removing the trees, fixing the placement of some torches for symmetry, and making the ladders work (it was built back when you could have gaps in the ladders). I've included only the top layer of the underground area, enough to enter and climb the tower - there's a huge pit below the tower (where do you think all that stone came from?).


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Tags:Eiffel Tower, Paris, France, Vokselia, 3D Printing, Mineways, 3D Art

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nice :)

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