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Level 15 : Journeyman Explorer
This is a map of Gondor. I will build Minas Tirith later but i left this more open for you guys to build it. Mordor and Rohan will be coming soon. I will have the .world file for those who want to customize it some more with WorldPainter. Sorry for the smallness of it and also the fact the Mc generates more land past the 1280x1280 map. I will make a 128,000x64,000 for all of LotR which will come out after all parts of the map have been done. If you use it on your server please give me credit.
World Folder installation:

  1. Open .zip folder
  2. Drag folder titled "Gondor" into *.minecraftsaves
  3. Run minecraft

WorldPainter installation:

  1. Put the .world foile somewhere on the computer
  2. Run WorldPainter
  3. I top left hand corner go to paper with arrown pointing up.
  4. Go to your gondor.world file and click open.
  5. Edit

.World File
World Folder
If you use an edited version of the .world or world save folder please still give me credit. DO NOT SHARE THIS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!
Progress: 45% Complete
Tags:Environment, Landscaping

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