Minecraft - Battlefield Heroes PvP Map

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Level 37 : Artisan Pirate
Do you like battlefield heroes ? Yes, than this is your chance to play it in minecraft!
Its a map for 2 people minimum and 18 maximum ( so enough slots for you and your friends )
If you're not familliar with battlefield heroes here's a quick tutorial.

The point of this game is : Kill eachother and capture someone else's flag
The flag can be captured by just flicking a lever down to lower the enemies flag and flicking another one
to raise yours.


There are 3 classes at the moment they are : Gunner, Soldier and a Commando ( Assassin )

The gunner : Weak weapons with verry good protection

The soldier : Medium weapons with medium protection

The commando : Verry strong weapons but weak armor

The Map

Currently the map is flat with two bases, bunkers and bonuse chests
Its wide fauna make's difficult to see the stuff om someone that died.

The game

You have 3 chances to fight and after those 3 there is no armor and weapons left and you will have to wait.

Extra Info

At spawn there are some tips

And if you spawn somewhere else let the admin tp you to the real spawn

Download now ready!

Additional Notes

Made by CommandoSparklez and Geweer
Progress: 100% Complete
Tags:Minecraft, Battlefield, Heroes, Pvp, Game, Weapons, Armor, Commando, Gunner, Soldier
Credit:CommandoSparklez and Geweer

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