Minecraft: Teacher (Custom Map)

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Minecraft: Teacher (Custom Map)

This is just a remake of the gametype "Teacher" from Halo 3 & REACH.

It is a simple custom map. You need about 4-16 people. Ok so here's how you play: one player is selected to be teacher (You can select that player how ever you want). Then the Teacher tells all the other players, pupils,to do school things. You can also make them do stupid stuff. But as the Teacher you can't: Kill pupils for no reason, no asking stupid questions that no one can awnser, you can lock people in "JAIL" if they do not behave and you can only take things from chests that say TEACHERS above it, no looting random chests. For more information just download the map!!!

Map download: http://www.mediafire.com/?0v1vzy0c9tkefds
Progress: 100% Complete

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