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Level 45 : Master Creeper Hugger
This is the world I've been working on as of lately! It's still in it's early stages. I've probably put about 8 hours into it. I plan to update this every week or so with the progression I've made. Hope you guys enjoy. Please leave your critiques in the comments, and any ideas as well. If you like it enough please give me a diamond or favorite! Thanks!

Additional Notes

Goals/Plans(-=not done *=done)
-Build a bridge from one mountain to another
*Enchant my diamond pickaxe
*Find more diamonds
-Create an EXP farm
-Find an end portal
-Create a house in the nether
-Earn all achievements while playing this world
-Create enderman EXP/Ender pearl farm in the end
-Tree farm
-Melon farm
-Create a beacon
-Make underground jungle
-Craft a beacon
Progress: 20% Complete
Tags:Land Structure

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