Olimpo´s gods


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Level 3 : Apprentice Crafter
This is my new map called ``Olimpo´s gods´´. It is about the story of a hero which is involved in Neptuno´s and Ares´s war. With the other gods help he will try to kill Ares so the war finishes and Neptuno wins. This will be a parkour, adventure, puzzle, battle.. amusing adventure map.

Additional Notes

Working and working... This map seems very good. I don´t want to tell you more because I want it a surprise for all you. If you like it or you want it finished later your like is gonna be good for me to know it and work harder.
Progress: 15% Complete
Tags:Challenge, Adventure
Credit:Builders: josupz2000, TheLacatux, Danurris

Update #4 : 12/30/2013 7:20:10 am12/30/13

This is the 4th update of this map. See the photos to see what is done. When it is 55% complete, we will start doing the block commands animations, programations, chests... Suscribe and diamond if you like it!

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