Over 20 Minecraft-Style Fighter Jets!


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My project will be about completely AWESOME fighter jets. SOME of the jets will be: The A-10 Thunderbolt, The MiG-35, The F-20 Tigershark and much more.

I've only completed the A-10, and each Fighter will have signs to label important parts of the jet eg: weapons, engines etc.

This will be completed soon, I hope it will be a success!
Progress: 10% Complete
Tags:Fighter, Jets, BANG
Credit:Fighter jet websites, Google images

Update #1!! : 10/02/2012 3:27:04 am10/02/12

I just finished building the MiG-35. Now I need to label it! :D
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  • Level 62
  • High Grandmaster Soldier
  • October 1, 2012, 3:07 pm
OOOOO a competition huh? Challenge accepted. Lol I'm kidding can't wait to see more from you, if you need help or have any questions with fighter jets or how to build them. Then I'll be able to answer them.
Thanks STEALTHy, for the support. I'm sure that I have questions to ask :D

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