Sky vs the squid

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Every Skydoesminecraft fan does something to show their fan-ness (fan-ness? idk :P) but do they do something like this?? Probably, but anyways here is my Skydoesminecraft art called Sky vs the squid, because as you know sky hates those squids, and this is a big one. As you can see sky has a butter sword and is about to hit the squid, and uhh yea, thats pretty much it, its not as good as that one 3D art sky showed once but its still pretty good.

Here is his skin if you have never seen it:

Here also is a link to his youtube account just in case somehow you have never heard of him:

If you do not believe I have made this, then click below for indev pictures I took just in case

I really hope you enjoy it and I hope Sky gets to see it, and please leave a DIAMOND if you like it and SUBSCRIBE if you want more :D
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Tags:3D Art

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  • xalexpkx1
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  • January 10, 2013, 9:02 am
funny i rembember the zombietech mod when squid put sky in cage and squid did mod showcase
yes, i do recall of that, it is a fairly new video
i love skydoesminecraft

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