Stanley Hotel ( From The Shining)


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Level 17 : Journeyman Caveman
Welcome to TeamChaotix"s production, The Shining! Your trapped at the overlook during a horrific snow storm with no source of food or heat, The closest town is miles away and you know your chances of survival are futile. Chose your fate with this brand new adventure map! :D

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( Background of the hotel) In 1907, construction started on the Stanley Hotel. Wood and rock were obtained from the nearby mountains and the hotel was built in the Georgian architectural style, which experienced a revival in the early Twentieth century. Equipped with running water, electricity, and telephones, the only amenity the hotel lacked was heat, as the hotel was designed as a summer resort. Many believe the Stanley Hotel is haunted, having reported a number of cases of ghostly activity, primarily in the ballroom. Kitchen staff have reported to have heard a party going on in the ballroom, only to find it empty. But now its yours to find out for your self.
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