Taj Mahal


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Level 32 : Artisan Princess
This was my very first large work back in Beta. 1:1 scale and, looking back at least 90% accurate to how it really looks as there are only so many pictures, videos, and information on the internet about the Taj Mahal. I enjoyed creating this one though it took me a long long time (I had used mcedit only to make the hole in which to build it, and copy/paste chunks of the build. the rest was survival mode fun). Completed April 15, 2011. Long before I discovered the wonders of redstone. I fully intend to eventually go back and make the "secret passage" redstone and a few other things redstone powered as well, hence why the schematic is "1.0".
P.S.- It's made of sandstone, not sand, it will NOT fall apart on touch.
P.P.S.-Yes it's a bit too tall for a regular map, tis the cost of exact 1:1 scale. :(

Entire schematic size:

Mausoleum without base or 4 towers:
Progress: 100% Complete
Tags:Taj Mahal, Seven, Wonders, Old World, 3D Art, Land Structure

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