The escape the evil scientist Adventure Map.

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Level 4 : Apprentice Engineer
This adventure map Is about a scientist who is offering money for people to do tests for him at his lab, but after a few tests you start to see him go a bit mad and he is using tests to now test your skills on surviving. You can destroy white wool. I hope you enjoy this map this took me a while to make. P.s: You might spawn right next to the the first building. The second thing is that you might be in creative so you might want to switch to survival sorry about that! I will fix it in the next update I do on this Adventure map but right now i'm working on a new one that is going to be better then this. This was a really quick one that took me 2 days. I hope you enjoy it if there is some thing that needs to be fixed please post it in the comments. Thank you!
Recording of the map!
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Tags:The, Escape, Evil, Scientist, Adventure, Map, 0lvlGH4X, Redstone Device

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