The Fiery Depths [SMP and SSP]

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Level 23 : Expert Architect
Story line:

A brief oversight in the last map lead to the water cores complete destruction, rocketing the world further out of balance into a dry, hot hellish realm of lava and fire. You must destroy the fire core in another attempt to neutralize the world.
(And this time it's potion collecting that I couldn't fit into the story)

About the map:

This map is a fire and lava themed survival / complete the monument.
This works on both single player and multiplayer, however for multiplayer I would not reccomend any more than 4 players.


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Posted Image


The goal of the map is to find all special unbrewable potions and place them all in the collection stand hidden on the map, to do this you will need to explore a large amount of different terrains and areas.


1. This map is not designed for mods or OP commands.
2. You can place, break and use any items or blocks how you wish.
3. Always play on at least easy, never peaceful.
4. Bridging across everything is possible but boring and defeats the purpose of the areas, not strictly against the rules but try to avoid it.
Progress: 100% Complete
Tags:Challenge, Adventure

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