Zombie Block

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Level 11 : Journeyman Engineer
How to play Zombie Block:
In Zombie Block, the goal is to keep the zombies from falling into the hole at the edge of the lane. You will get Bows with Punch X, Power X, and Infinity I. This comes with one arrow. You also get stone axes with Knockback X, and Sharpness 100. That's right, I said sharpness 100. As the game progresses, the game gets harder and harder. At first there is only 3 lanes. After a minute or so, there will be 4. Later on there will be up to 6 lanes. The recommended amount of people is 3-5 people. It is basically impossible with 1 person. And Maybe possible with 2 people.

1. No covering the holes
2.Play in adventure mode
3.Do not use hacking clients
4. Play one easy mode.

If a zombie falls into a hole, the map will explode.
It is okay if zombie drops or xp fall into the hole. The game will positively not blow up.
Progress: 100% Complete
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