APOC Gaming Hexxit [mcMMO] [Factions] [Economy] [PVP] and More!

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Level 37 : Artisan Network

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APOC Gaming Hexxit [mcMMO] [Factions] [Economy] [PVP] and More!
Status:Status Offline Pinged: 03/22/15
United States
Game Version:Minecraft 1.5.2
Connect With:

Download it here: http://www.technicpack.net/download

We have a simple set of rules that all players AND staff AND supporters must follow, we are very strict do not test us:
  • Do not harass, insult, excessively cuss, make racial or religious remarks, threaten any players or staff.
  • Do not impersonate our staff or any staff of other communities such as Planet Minecraft or Enjin, you will be banned.
  • Do not hack, glitch, exploit, xray, duplicate, or bypass item bans in any way.
  • Do not raid or grief players if it is not on faction land and you are not in a faction at war with those players.
  • Do not say or spam "lag" or insult the server in any way, 99% of the time if you are lagging it is your own PC not our servers.
  • Server specific rules will be shown at spawn in each server or by typing the /rules command.
Hexxit Banlist & Reasons:
  • Dimensional Doors: This not only griefs with rifts but creates thousands of worlds and slows down the server. This mod can also be used to grief spawn by opening many rift doors and troll players by sending them into the limbo that takes forever to find yourself out of that world.
  • Ender Bow: This will crash the server the moment you right click with it.

Main Website:http://apocgaming.org
Main Forums:http://apocgaming.org/f
Enjin Website:http://apocclangaming.enjin.com
Teamspeak Server:ts.apocgaming.org
Bukkit/Vanilla Server:buk.apocgaming.org OR mc.apocgaming.org:8443
Tekkit Main Server:tm.apocgaming.org OR mc.apocgaming.org:2095
Tekkit Lite Server:tl.apocgaming.org OR mc.apocgaming.org:2083
Tekkit Classic Server:
tc.apocgaming.org OR mc.apocgaming.org:2096
Hexxit Server:
hex.apocgaming.org OR mc.apocgaming.org:2087
Voltz Server
vol.apocgaming.org OR mc.apocgaming.org:2082
Big Dig Server:
big.apocgaming.org OR mc.apocgaming.org:2052
B-Team Server:bt.apocgaming.org OR mc.apocgaming.org:7850
Pixelmon Server:
pix.apocgaming.org OR mc.apocgaming.org:7851
Tekkify Server:
tek.apocgaming.org OR mc.apocgaming.org:7852
FTB Direwolf Server:
dir.apocgaming.org OR mc.apocgaming.org:7853
FTB Horizons Server:
hor.apocgaming.org OR mc.apocgaming.org:7854
FTB Monster Server:
mon.apocgaming.org OR mc.apocgaming.org:7855
FTB Tech World 2 Server:
tw2.apocgaming.org OR mc.apocgaming.org:7856
Tags:Technic, Hexxit, Twilight, Better Dungeons, Tinkers Construct, Tinkers Workshop, Better, Dungeons, Tinkers, Construct, Workshop, Rpg, Minigames, Lwc, Griefprevention, Antigrief, Treecapitator, Backpacks, Armor Bar, Hexxit Gear, Gear, Mcmmo, Factions, Tekkit, Survival
Credit:Zilacon, technic

Update #6 : 11/29/2014 2:39:11 pm11/29/14

  • Domain issues fixed.
  • Domain now links to our website.
  • All IP issues fixed.
  • Plugin issues fixed.
  • Permission issues fixed.
  • New website shops!
  • New website ranks!
  • New server vote pages and vote sites!
  • New site design!
  • New forums!
  • New support page!
  • New plugins!
  • New staff!
APOC Gaming is constantly undergoing development, we are always trying to make thing more simple, optimized, faster, and more fun and convenient for our players. If you got a suggestion for our network please submit a ticket on our website with your suggestions!

Update #5 : 12/03/2013 10:18:28 am12/03/13

CPU & Ram problems have been addressed! Servers running smooth as a baby's bottom!

Permission issues fixed for staff not having access to anti-grief tools & claim bypass.

Permission issues fixed for supporters not having access to specific banned items.

Modded items not being protected inside claims has been fixed on Tekkit Main, Hexxit, Big Dig, and Voltz servers.

Buy our discounted Global Supporter ($25.99 - $10.00 Discount = $15.99) before Jan 1st and get $30 of credit towards any kits of your choice for one server!

Ask a staff member for details.
Checkout all of this information on our forums here: http://apocgaming.org/f

Update #4 : 07/20/2013 1:30:19 pm7/20/13

Our Hexxit Server has been updated to 1.0.4 come heck it out!

Update #3 : 06/29/2013 12:30:25 pm6/29/13

Fixed problems with nether spawns
Fixed problems with placing lava/water
Updated tons of plugins.
Annoyed many plugin developers with many many errors, lets hope for some fixes soon :D

Update #2 : 06/27/2013 8:24:46 pm6/27/13

Fixed some issues causing crashes on the hexxit server.
Fixed some issues causing lag with many players online.
Fixed some issues causing the chunks to pause when exploring due to limit being reached.
Reduced the amount of chunks per player profile to reduce block & chunk lag for players.

Update #1 : 06/24/2013 8:40:48 am6/24/13

  • Fixed issues with placing water buckets in claims.
  • Fixed issues with placing lava buckets in claims.
  • Fixed issues with creating golems in claims.
  • Fixed issues with not able to spawn the wither
  • Fixed issues with claim blocks not being acquired over time.
  • Fixed issues with view distance causing massive amounts of lag.
  • Fixed issues with chunk loading causing massive lag spikes and crashes.
  • Fixed issues with dynmap not rendering the maps due to hitting the player limit.
  • Fixed issues with twilight Forest not loading dungeons.
  • Fixed issues with Zulu Animals & Chocobos not spawning by the global config settings.
  • Fixed issues with chunks not being unloaded when not in use causing a build up of chunks in the memory.
  • Fixed issues with LWC & mcMMO & GriefPrevention conflicting while using shared databases, all servers have independent databases for every plugin to avoid conflicts now.
  • Fixed issues with generating Battle Towers creating massive amounts of lag & possible crashes.
  • Fixed issues with chunks generating Dungeons by limiting view radius of client and lowering the wall thickness of dungeon spawns.
  • Added hexxit server on 17 voting websites.
  • Added hexxit forum categories & forums to the apoc forums.
  • Updated many, many, many plugins...
  • Updated MCPC+ to latest development version.
  • Opened ports for server to use votifier.
  • Opened ports for server webmap to be displayed on website.
  • Tons of performance tweaks done to spawning, tick processing & limit, light updates, and more.

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  • Drakazure
  • Level 1
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  • August 3, 2014, 3:16 pm
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  • Zilacon
  • Level 37
  • Artisan Network
  • August 3, 2014, 3:18 pm
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  • xman 500
  • Level 1
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  • May 14, 2014, 11:39 am
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  • Zilacon
  • Level 37
  • Artisan Network
  • May 14, 2014, 5:19 pm
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Imma see what this is...
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  • suspect3
  • Level 28
  • Expert Grump
  • July 7, 2013, 12:03 pm
great server.
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  • Zilacon
  • Level 37
  • Artisan Network
  • July 7, 2013, 1:23 pm
Thanks :)
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