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Level 32 : Artisan Network

Server Info : RID 2249665

APOC Hexxit
Status: Offline Pinged: 06/28/16
United States
Game Version:Minecraft 1.5.2
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Welcome to the Apocalyptic Gaming Network, the one-stop-shop for every gameplay style and modpack variation.

Hosting public performance gaming servers since 2010.

APOC Hexxit requires the Technic Launcher to join. Simply download from http://www.technicpack.net/download


APOC is a community of choices, not restrictions. We offer a unique gameplay experience for every possible gameplay type you can think of. It does not matter if you like building, griefing, raiding, faction wars, Towny, mini-games, RPG, conquering dungeons, exploring, creative plots, and even world editing your creations in.

APOC host 12 Minecraft servers with plans of expanding into yet more Minecraft servers and different online games.

If you get bored with one modpack, you have 11 more to choose from on APOC. You can keep in contact with your friends and move from modpack to modpack on the same network.

Our spawn is 1000x1000 and has everything players need to have fun and advance in our servers. We offer player shop plots to all players which can be purchased with in game economy.

Our spawn also offers admin shops with a selection vanilla and modded items for purchase, these are intentially overpriced to encouarge a player-driven economy.

Gameplay Types on APOC:
  • Protected Building: Building on our Sanctuary world gives you a griefing, raiding, and pvping free world to make your creations on.
  • Griefing & Raiding: ALL worlds besides Sanctuary, Towny, and Creative are griefing and raiding allowed.
  • Exploring: Go to our Resource world to checkout all of the dungeons our server has to offer.
  • Mining: Resource world is reset monthly to make sure everyone has plenty of ores and resources to harvest. This also makes sure dungeons are fresh and ready to conquer.
  • Survival: All of our worlds except Creative are survival based worlds.
  • Factions: Want to be a part of something bigger? Join a faction with friends and declare war on your enemies in the Factions world. Griefing/ Raiding/ PVP are all allowed here.
  • Creative: Want to just relax and build something cool? Checkout our creative plot world where you can use any building or decoration block in creative. This includes modded blocks.
  • World Edit: Want to have fun with world edit? Well this comes at a price. All supporters have access to the Supporter world which they have access to world edit in.
  • Role Playing: With our custom APOC-RPG plugin, MCMMO, and RPG mods on APOC you have custom gear, mob drops, dungeon spawns, upgradeable effects and auras, skills, and so much more!
  • Economy: Do you like being a merchant? Our server rewards for everything. And we do mean everything! Mining, Killing players or mobs, digging, crafting, enchanting, repairing, smelting, voting, even simply being online! With the money from these rewards you can rent or purchase a spawn shop plot and build your own customized store with items you choose with prices you choose. Economy can also be used to trade, buy items at admin shops and player shops, buy claimblocks to claim and protect more land, buy protections for doors, chests, etc. And even fund your faction in its war efforts by controlling more land.
  • Vanilla Skyblock: Like playing the original vanilla skyblock? We got that!
  • Modded Skyblock: Kick it up a notch to Agrarian Skies style with modded skyblock!

The servers we host are:(Servers & Status Page & IP's)

  • Hexxit (Technic Pack)
  • Agrarian Skies (Curse | FTB | Technic)
  • Attack of the B-Team (Technic)
  • Test Pack Please Ignore (FTB | Technic)
  • Yogscast Complete Pack (AT Launcher | Technic)
  • Agrarian Skies 2 (Curse | FTB)
  • Infinity (Curse | FTB)
  • Resonant RIse 3: Mainline (AT Launcher)
  • Resonant Rise 3: Project Flux (AT Launcher)
  • Sky Factory 2 (Technic)
  • Tech & RPG (Technic)

Worlds & Information:
  • Spawn | 1000x1000: This is our spawn world, we have rules, information, mini-games, admin shops, buyable player shops, etc here for all players to use and access.
  • Resource | 10000x10000: This is our mining and exploration world. There is no protections here. Claiming land by personal or faction means is not possible and pvp, griefing, raiding is allowed. Dungeons spawn here and the world is reset monthly to ensure a fresh amount of resources and dungeons are available to players.
  • Sanctuary | 10000x10000: This world is the most protected world on our server. You can build what you want and play how you want without worrying about pvp, griefing, or raiding.
  • Factions | 10000x10000: As the name suggests this world is for factions only. You can wage war on other factions, claim land, take over land, grief, raid, pvp, etc.
  • Creative | 10000x10000: This world is our creative plot world. You can go here and claim a plot with economy and build what you want in creative mode. Creative is restricted to just building and decoration blocks, you cannot use anything else.
  • Towny | 10000x10000: This is our towny world for the Towny plugin. There is no PVP here. And areas
  • protected there is no Griefing or Raiding allowed.
  • Supporter | 10000x10000: This is a contribution to our supporters. Here you can play with other supporters and have access to world edit to build your homes.
  • Modded Worlds | 10000x10000: These worlds are from mods such as GalactiCraft, Underdark, Twilight Forest, etc. Claiming/ Factions/ LWC/ Towny are not possible here. PVP/Griefing/Raiding is common.

Voting & Rewards:
  • Voting for our servers helps us advertise our servers
  • Voting for each vote site in a 24 hour period will reward you in game.
  • Voting for the server gives you donation store credit which you can save up to purchase anything on our donation store like real money.
Recording, Livestreaming, Advertising, Videos:
  • We welcome anyone who wishes record on our servers.
  • We welcome anyone who wishes to livestream on our servers.
  • If you make a video on APOC we ask that you provide details of our website and server IP in the decription.
  • We welcome anyone wishes to advertise us on social media, friends and family, skype, etc. We do NOT approve of advertising our servers or its ip on other servers or networks.
  • We are on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, Technic, Steam, and dozens of vote websites. Like us, +1 us, share us, tweet us, vote for us, show some love for APOC :sick:
  • All of our social media links can be found on our website under Community -> Our Social Network.

We believe our network has everything you could dream of for your Minecraft experience however if you feel anything is missing, please submit a support ticket and mark it as a suggestion. APOC has been built on player feedback and suggestions for plugins, kits, mods, rewards, features, etc are all accepted.

Thank you for playing on the Apocalyptic Gaming Network!
Tags:Technic, Hexxit, Twilight, Better Dungeons, Tinkers Construct, Tinkers Workshop, Workshop, RPG, Minigames, LWC, Prism, Antigrief, Treecapitator, Backpacks, Armor Bar, Hexxit Gear, MCMMO, Factions, Survival
Credit:The authors of ALL mods used in this pack, Technic, Zilacon, Sentinel618

Update #6 : 11/29/2014 2:39:11 pm11/29/14

  • Domain issues fixed.
  • Domain now links to our website.
  • All IP issues fixed.
  • Plugin issues fixed.
  • Permission issues fixed.
  • New website shops!
  • New website ranks!
  • New server vote pages and vote sites!
  • New site design!
  • New forums!
  • New support page!
  • New plugins!
  • New staff!
APOC Gaming is constantly undergoing development, we are always trying to make thing more simple, optimized, faster, and more fun and convenient for our players. If you got a suggestion for our network please submit a ticket on our website with your suggestions!

Update #5 : 12/03/2013 10:18:28 am12/03/13

CPU & Ram problems have been addressed! Servers running smooth as a baby's bottom!

Permission issues fixed for staff not having access to anti-grief tools & claim bypass.

Permission issues fixed for supporters not having access to specific banned items.

Modded items not being protected inside claims has been fixed on Tekkit Main, Hexxit, Big Dig, and Voltz servers.

Buy our discounted Global Supporter ($25.99 - $10.00 Discount = $15.99) before Jan 1st and get $30 of credit towards any kits of your choice for one server!

Ask a staff member for details.
Checkout all of this information on our forums here: http://apocgaming.org/f

Update #4 : 07/20/2013 1:30:19 pm7/20/13

Our Hexxit Server has been updated to 1.0.4 come heck it out!

Update #3 : 06/29/2013 12:30:25 pm6/29/13

Fixed problems with nether spawns
Fixed problems with placing lava/water
Updated tons of plugins.
Annoyed many plugin developers with many many errors, lets hope for some fixes soon :D

Update #2 : 06/27/2013 8:24:46 pm6/27/13

Fixed some issues causing crashes on the hexxit server.
Fixed some issues causing lag with many players online.
Fixed some issues causing the chunks to pause when exploring due to limit being reached.
Reduced the amount of chunks per player profile to reduce block & chunk lag for players.

Update #1 : 06/24/2013 8:40:48 am6/24/13

  • Fixed issues with placing water buckets in claims.
  • Fixed issues with placing lava buckets in claims.
  • Fixed issues with creating golems in claims.
  • Fixed issues with not able to spawn the wither
  • Fixed issues with claim blocks not being acquired over time.
  • Fixed issues with view distance causing massive amounts of lag.
  • Fixed issues with chunk loading causing massive lag spikes and crashes.
  • Fixed issues with dynmap not rendering the maps due to hitting the player limit.
  • Fixed issues with twilight Forest not loading dungeons.
  • Fixed issues with Zulu Animals & Chocobos not spawning by the global config settings.
  • Fixed issues with chunks not being unloaded when not in use causing a build up of chunks in the memory.
  • Fixed issues with LWC & mcMMO & GriefPrevention conflicting while using shared databases, all servers have independent databases for every plugin to avoid conflicts now.
  • Fixed issues with generating Battle Towers creating massive amounts of lag & possible crashes.
  • Fixed issues with chunks generating Dungeons by limiting view radius of client and lowering the wall thickness of dungeon spawns.
  • Added hexxit server on 17 voting websites.
  • Added hexxit forum categories & forums to the apoc forums.
  • Updated many, many, many plugins...
  • Updated MCPC+ to latest development version.
  • Opened ports for server to use votifier.
  • Opened ports for server webmap to be displayed on website.
  • Tons of performance tweaks done to spawning, tick processing & limit, light updates, and more.

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  • suspect3
  • Level 30
  • Artisan Grump
  • July 7, 2013, 12:03 pm
great server.
  • Zilacon
  • Level 32
  • Artisan Network
  • July 7, 2013, 1:23 pm
Thanks :)

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