CorruptionCraft - Factions - RPG

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Server Info : RID 2262184

CorruptionCraft - Factions - RPG
Status: Offline Pinged: 08/06/15
United States
Game Version:Minecraft 1.6.2
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Server IP: mc-cor.org

Factions Server: mc-fac.org


This server has been around for 1 year and we have had enough time to make it perfect for our players. You'll never get bored with the players. The players are not only friendly, but fun and get along with each other. Also, the staff is exceptional and will resolve any issues you may have in your minecraft adventure. We have a great factions community. But be careful with what faction you make enemy's or ally's with, it is critical you trust the ones you make friends with and never trust your enemies because you may end up with a TNT block shooting through your castle. What a nice community.

The server's main map is 30000x30000 blocks out, mainly for building faction bases with your friends and having huge wars. It also has our beautiful cities and towns, and not only that, but, our Dangerous PVP Arenas witch factions can team up to defeat opposing factions or just for some added fun..

The staff is online 24/7 to help you with your problems. We care about our players, so we don't give a unfair advantage to Moderators or Helpers over others. We pick the staff as a team and they are the ones to seek if your in need of some help. Also, we are working on getting a Live chat, to help out players when staff isn't online, or when the server is down

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No Whitelist, PvP, Factions, Arena's, Dungeons, Custom plugins, and more!
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