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Status:Status Online! Pinged: 09/15/14
United States
Game Version:Minecraft 1.7.8
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Hello, and welcome to the official Datacraft PMC forum. Here you will find information about our server. Also, you will find links 
to our enjin forum and our official youtube channel (hosted by cavydude and his buddies). Our ip is found here as well as any other information 
deem necessary for this post! Yours truly, Kraziekid!


Datacraft revolves around one very simple thing: You. The gamer. Our tight-nit community is always ready to welcome a new member. 
The server has dedicated staff that are more than willing to help you out if another player is being a big fat jerk. Just remember that this is survival: They are NOT allowed to spawn things for you.

Our values are Freedom and Simplicity. We believe that you have the right to be able to play simple, legit Minecraft with your friends. The server is basic in its plugins, as we are against complicating things with unnecessary, laggy plugins.

If you build something truly magnificent, it may be added to this pmc post with your permission.

Server features:

  1. Simple yet elegant spawn
  2. Simplicity (we only use plugins for improving your vanilla minecraft experience)
  3. A friendly staff
  4. A beautiful community
  5. A ranking system
  6. Freedom to play as you please, within the rules and common decency
  7. A no-tolerance policy for griefers, spammers, and the like
and much, much more

Town System

We also have a plugin-free (Except for permissionsEx) town system, for the purpose of creating a stronger community. The situation was that players would run off from spawn and build their own separate houses, stay on the server for a day or two, then leave. I aimed to fix this with the following changes:
  • The Town ranks villager, member, and citizen. They will be given based on how long a player has resided in their current town. These ranks will have the ability to warp to any town.
  • In order to start a town, 4 active players living near each other must agree to form a town. A town flag should be created, but it's not a requirement. A town courthouse is required, and a town hall is recommended.
  • Each town will have one mayor, who is to be elected by the villagers upon forming the town. If the villagers don't like their mayor, or if he/she is deemed ineffective or by higher staff, or if he/she abuses his/her power, he/she can be voted out of office by the villagers. Mayors will be mods. They will have permissions to all warps, kicking, and muting players, and will be held accountable for their actions as members of staff.
  • New villagers can be added by the mayor. He/she is then admitted with the rank of villager.
  • Villagers can be banished by a town vote (A town message board is a good way of calling votes and such), but only after being found guilty of a crime by a jury of their peers. If the majority of villagers approve of the banishment, the guilty party is banished from the town.
  • A banished villager can either appeal the decision to the Genopolis Court of Appeals or become a nomad. Players who choose not to be associated with a town are also given the nomad rank. This rank has no extra permissions.
  • If a town is found to contain less than 4 active members (including the mayor), then the town will be disbanded. A town can also be disbanded via a unanimous vote from the villagers. Disbanded towns are not destroyed.
  • When admin elections are called, all mayors are placed on the ballot along with the current admins. Whichever two players receive the most votes become the new admins for the next term. Admins serve a one month term.
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