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Level 23 : Expert Miner

Server Info : RID 85764

Status: Offline Pinged: 11/10/12
Game Version:Minecraft 1.7 beta
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Tracking is a unique plugin we've written which allows users to find others to raid them
to build a tracker, please follow these steps:
~Place Diamond block in center
~Place obsidian blocks for the arms (making the tracker look like a plus shape) each block of obsidian represents 25 blocks for tracking distance
~place gold blocks on the end of each tracking arm

~Place Obsidian block in center
~Place cobblestone blocks for the arms (making the tracker look like a plus shape) each block of cobblestone represents 25 blocks for tracking distance
~place smoothstone blocks on the end of each tracking arm

The difference between the two trackers, is that with perm. trackers, you can use /track all to return a list of all the players within your tracker. temp. trackers also disappear after 1 use, so use it wisely! to track a player specifically, use /track [playername]

Kill a bunch of kids with iron gear? is it all broken but you want to get something back? salvage it! to salave, place the iron you want to recycle, into your hotbar, place an iron block next to a furnace, and left or right click it. you should be given iron ingots back depending on both the type of armor, and the durability.

Not perfect, but hey, we do what we can. Please don't xray in our server.

Every player is allowed 2 additional warps, you can add them by using the command /go

you can check how well you are doing, as well as the top 10 players in terms of how many kills you get.

the team system, can be related to the factions plugin, but MUCH simpler. Since we hate protected items, but like a teamed aspect, we wrote a plugin which gets the best of both worlds! using "/team help" in game allows you to figure out how to create teams, join teams, set the headquarters, promote, kick, have clantags, and much more!

lastly, I'd like to thank Kurtis Welch (hclewk). Though I, Andrew Hamilton (orange451), wrote the plugins for the server, he heavily inspired all of the ideas for them. He was the "original" writer, I merely used his idea to write my own plugin. He may not be okay with what I've done, it's not up to him to say I can't make something similar to what he's created.

Additional Notes

in this server, we write our own mods specifically for your enjoyment. we have an iron salvaging system, tracking system, simple xray detection, and teams. you can set a home, or a team base.
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