MCDen ~ Hard Survival ~ Towny ~ Economy ~ Unprotected = Griefing

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MCDen ~ Hard Survival ~ Towny ~ Economy ~ Unprotected = Griefing
Status:Status Online! Pinged: 04/24/14
United States
Game Version:Minecraft 1.7.4
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Survival ~ Creative ~ Minigames

Only YOU Can Prevent Griefing!

Maturity Is Advised And Recommended.
Anyone acting immature will be warned followed by necessary actions.
  • Joining is simple. Pop the address into your client and join.
  • No pesky "Must do this just to play" annoyances. Anyone first joining can play normally right off the bat.
  • Is there a Member setup? Yes, four simple steps stated in /howmember.

Economy Management

Earning Money: Join some jobs by visiting /jobs list, many choices, choose up to three to best work with what you do most. More you do that job, the more you get paid from leveling it up!
This is useful for buying, selling and for warping to faraway places that are very far to trek to. We suggest using Warp Signs, as they are much cheaper than using warp commands.
Once you're settled into a spot you can use Chest Shop to set up a shop of your own, or use one in a town to buy what you need. Remember to lock all your chests with LWC and always keep a chest on you, as when you die it will appear where you died and keep your stuff safe for a limited time.

Challenge Of The Game!

Here comes the fun and the choices that you make. Should you wing it in the wild and create a secret base for yourself, hidden from the world, where anything you see is at your mercy, and other players, and anyone you see can be killed or murder you? Always be on your guard and be ready for anything. Our hard mode mobs will surround you at night and before you will know it, you're partaking in a fight for your life. If you are lucky enough to beat them you may win the interesting items they carry which is from out plugin Mythic Drops. Farming/mob-grinding items is discouraged and may result in jail time.

Then there is the option of joining a community ran town. Usually towns provide a safe haven from the wild which allow you to keep your base safe and secure, yet you can still run out into the wild and fight any time you like beyond your town boundries. You also get to experience friendship that you will have with friends and allies. Remain on guard though; always be wary, anyone can betray you when you least expect it.
For more information, news and facts about MCDen check out our site: http://mcden.enjin.com/
Remember voting daily gives you rewards in game

Additional Notes

Trust who you want, later can back stab you. Economy+Towny+Arenas+Dungeons No RP/Factions. PVP open.
If you read this far, and wish to join and state you are from PMC or some famous server list, forget it. We do not trust anyone who does not bother to PM us prior.
Tags:Survival, Hard, Mature, Economy, Multiworld, Plugins, Modified, PVP, Town, PvP, Bungeecord, Hub
Credit:LunaAnneMarieSky ImGuidedKilla RIky_516 KenosHybred JollyGG

Update #22 : 07/30/2013 2:17:02 pm7/30/13

We've updated to MC 1.6.2 a few days ago. A few hiccups. No Spout Support after 1.5.2 from the Spout Community, at least for now.

Update #21 : 07/20/2013 8:08:58 pm7/20/13

Votifier re-fixed. Still some server lists are getting pings to our sever about votes. Some not. Always different ones every day...

Update #20 : 07/11/2013 10:12:14 pm7/11/13

Votifier Fixed!
Bit of link spamming and it went through.

Update #19 : 07/09/2013 10:42:18 pm7/09/13

New Host. Spawn Town Expanding. Plans for Updating to MC 1.6.2 coming soon.

Update #18 : 06/10/2013 4:59:32 pm6/10/13

We are moving our server to a new, better/faster host soon. If you are having issues joining the server, let me know. I've been seeing a lot of lost-connection or Took too long messages in the logs lately.

Update #17 : 03/25/2013 11:20:09 am3/25/13

We've updated to MC 1.5 about a week ago, and to 1.5.1 a few days ago. So far, running smoothly. Only Spout Required features are disabled until further notice.

For all changelog information, please visit the Forum Server ChangeLog

Update #16 : 03/19/2013 4:29:08 pm3/19/13

Readding Creative world. Making preparations for the MC update to 1.5

Update #15 : 03/06/2013 12:17:19 pm3/06/13

We have our own site and new Spout features for players to customize their own look and feel. Spoutcraft users can now use U or F7 for menus for server texturepacks or Character Accessories.

Update #14 : 01/24/2013 4:56:35 pm1/24/13

Added MobArenas

Update #13 : 11/12/2012 12:27:04 pm11/12/12

Updated to MC 1.4, spout temp disabled.

Update #12 : 10/22/2012 1:04:17 pm10/22/12

Minor changes here and there. No real list. Increase in users in the last few days. Let's keep it that way. :)
Anyone asking for OP or stating they are from a big organization, such as PlanetMinecraft will be laughed at. If you are from PMC, please PM or e-mail me and we'll talk.

Update #11 : 09/28/2012 10:35:23 am9/28/12

With the release of Borderland 2, many of us has been fairly inactive. We are still responding to requests and help as we receive them via /mail, /calladmin, and by email and on our site.
We will be changing up our new member setup soon. I will be going on the road to take my g/f home for the weekend. While she's at her arts and crafts festival, I'll be on my laptop tinkering on the server. Many plugin updates along with changing up a few minor things in the steps between first joining to being a full member. I know a lot of new members will like the new feature soon.
I do plan to add a new filter for those complaining that they can't play instantly. Sorry, if you can't read 5 small rules and prove you actually read them, then we won't accept you. It takes you 5, maybe 10 minutes from join to full member. Would you rather we go full whitelist and wait for someone to accept you by what you typed out in paragraphs? We'd rather stay grey list mode and let most of the setup is automated. Server staff will still have the final stay if you can be on the server as we are now.

Update #10 : 09/17/2012 4:16:20 pm9/17/12

Spout has been working well. Still lag on first login for any new player joining for the first time with spoutcraft, this is still due to textures downloading to the client. Nothing we can do except remove the spout items and blocks.

Revised some of the first time login features. If someone wants to join and no server staff are on, they can follow the simple steps of reading the rules, agree to them as it explains, prove they read and understood the rules, then they have passed. Once a their tag shows as PASSED, they can do anything a normal member can, except enter the Creative World and join/claim a town. Once a server staff member is online, they can set all Passed member as member if they meet the proper criteria.

Update #9 : 08/31/2012 1:59:15 pm8/31/12

Updated to MC 1.3.2.
Spout features are offline.
If joining with spout, use Latest Build in the Build Selection.

Update #8 : 06/26/2012 2:08:39 pm6/26/12

Fixed some perm issues from a few copy-paste typos. Thanks for catching them guys! Yes, we do pay users reporting real server problems.

Update #7 : 06/24/2012 1:34:03 am6/24/12

Made some major tweaking to plugins and a few features. Central town is looking nice. Still has a lot of work. Made OffWorld for the heck of it. No special generators for it, but for some reason, it's a medium desert island and a large distance from it to any other land mass. I haven't done much looking around, but the main idea was for mining resources until the next MC update.

Server is still fairly inactive, I'm on it once or twice a day now, if you're looking for a quiet server, but still share what you do with other people, come join. Server staff is not required to join and begin.

Update #6 : 06/12/2012 2:06:56 pm6/12/12

New world system up and running, most of the New Spawn is rebuilt.
Working on many new structures and features. Some not 100% working. We are tinkering with Adventure world instancing.

As it is the summer, server staff are not as active as before. We have a small auto-ranking system set up to rank players after they read and agree to the server rules. These players are then considered Welcomed Members, but not FULL members until a server staff member sets them as so.

Update #5 : 02/25/2012 5:00:29 pm2/25/12

Plugin Updates. Group permissions tweaked.
Plugins added: Catacombs for Challenging dungeons for loot. SuperCapes for unique powers.
Many spout items and blocks to come. Plans of Two Worlds, Skylands and Mining World to come one MC 1.2 is released.
Preparing for CB R5 to be released.

Update #4 : 01/25/2012 11:57:03 am1/25/12

Server Updated to CB RB 1.1.
Clients Suggested to use SpoutCraft Dev Build 1076 to match everyone else.

Update #3 : 01/12/2012 2:48:54 pm1/12/12

Added Notice of No Server Update till Craftbukkit and Spout updates.
>>Notice: Server Not Updated to New MineCraft Update 1.1 as of yet. Read<<

Update #2 : 01/10/2012 10:41:04 pm1/10/12

BuyCraft now working on server. Fixed some security issues on server.
Still standing ground on using Spout and Spoutcraft for all members and up. No exceptions. Already caught one guy attempting to get past it. Banned for attemption of x-raying. Screenshot: http://m-c-den.blogspot.com/2012/01/why-use-spout-for-security.html

Update #2 : 01/06/2012 3:44:25 am1/06/12

Updated, rearranged, and added details.

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December 31, 2011, 4:44 pm

Excellent server! I enjoy playing there! :D

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