Divinty Gaming [Pixelmon] [1.7.2]

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Level 34 : Artisan Pokemon

Server Info

Divinty Gaming [Pixelmon] [1.7.2]
Status:Status Online! Pinged: 10/25/14
Game Version:Minecraft 1.7.2
Connect With:
Link to our forum:http://divinitygaming.co.uk/
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General Information:

Welcome to Divinity Gaming, this server is one of out few servers that we run. Hopefully you will enjoy your stay with us, our community is usually nice and welcoming and our staff are helpful people.

Installation of the mod:

How to guide.

Mods needed to connect to the server:

Apply for staff here:

Apply for Gym Leader here:

All new players will start out with the Trainer rank.

Staff Ranks:

  • Trainee
  • Officer
  • Ranger
  • Moderator
  • H-Mod
  • Owner
Donor Ranks:
  • Bronze $2
  • Silver $5
  • Gold $10
  • Platinum $20
  • Diamond $30
  • Royal $50
  • Perfect $70
  • Pok√©legend $150
  • All Donor Perks are shown here

Additional Notes

This server offers a fun and exciting experience with the Pokémon and Minecraft universes combined. Meet new friends, join old friends in the Divine world of Pixelmon. Gotta Bag em' all PIXELMON!
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