League of Legends - Thunderlord Volibear

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Level 12 : Journeyman Miner
Looks best in 3D .Volibear is a champion in the Leaguage of Legends, this is one of his skins. BTW : I will make more LoL skins later. All of this is my work. I made it with help of this vid : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jelu1CRdK4s&feature=related . Thanks to t0mt4yl0r for making awsome vids that help me alot with my work. Last update : added more colour difference between the pixels on the helmet.

Original Champions copyright : Riot Games

To do list :
Thunder lord Volibear - Done!
Northern storm Volibear
Viktor - The Machine Herald - I don't know yet if I am realy going to do this.
Progress: 100% Complete
Format:Universal Skin 64x32
Model:Steve (4 pixel arms)
Tags:Gaming, Thunderlord, Volibear, Skin, League, Legends
Credit:Riot games

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  • Kersjes
  • Level 12
  • Journeyman Miner
  • December 29, 2011, 8:31 am
Can you see the 3D cause I can't
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