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Troll Texturepack!

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Level 9 : Apprentice Miner
Well, even though it was easy to make, i present to you...

Here is what it does: (spoiler)
-Changes lava to look like water
-Changes diamond, iron, and gold ores to look like stone.
-Changes coal ore to look like diamond ore
-Changes dispensers to look like stone
-Changes zombies to look like herobrine
-Changes wooden doors to look like 2 wooden planks
-Changes glass to look like cobblestone
-Changes spider eye to look like cooked porkchop
-Changes the leather armor items to look like diamond armor
-Changes the tnt to look like redstone lamp
-Changes the fully charged bow to look like a peace of bacon
And much more!

Troll your friends by using this texture pack OR even better: Installing it like a mod. Create maps to fool your buddies and annoy them! this texture pack is Still a work in progress, and I will update it once every week or so...
So... ya. Install and drag the RAR, WIN, or Archeive into your Texturepacks folder in the %appdata%, .minecraft section.
ho ho ho ho ho!

Additional Notes

I need some ideas to put in the texture pack, so please comment some.
Progress: 30% Complete
Game Version:Minecraft 1.2
  • Items
  • Mobs
  • Terrain
Tags:Experimental, Terrain, Items, Mobs
Credit:A bunch of youtube videos talking about how to troll your friends.

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Level 28
Expert Architect
March 18, 2012, 5:39 am

You are a smart ass I LOVE IT DIAMOND TOO YOU

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