Votifier for my server doesnt work

Ticket #3493
Opened by: Soccerboyjacob12
Status: Open
Bug Report
2017-03-09 17:45:49


Account name: soccerboyjacob12
Browser: Google
Operating system: Windows
Well I have a factions server and the votifier doesn't work on this site only. Every time I try to change the info for the votifer to get it link to my server it automatically changes it when I hit save, I have tried posting 5 different times and every single attempt was a failure. The port changes every time to my server port, which doesn't work for votifier, I have even tried adjusting everything in votifier to accomodate PMC but it doesn't work. The votifier is clearly working because it works on every other site I put it on. This is the only website it doesn't work on and it needs to be fixed asap I wrote an email 1 month ago and still haven't gotten a response, please help!

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Pepijn said 2017-03-09 19:44:10

Seems like people have been having issues with this for a while.