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Vulxee avatar Vulxee
Level 2 : Apprentice Collective
Status Online! Pinged: 04/18/21
United States
Game VersionMinecraft Bedrock 1.16.10
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This currently a vanilla Minecraft server with no plugins. Current screenshots (somewhat) accurately represent the current state of spawn. These will be updated monthly.

Every new year the world will be regenerated ONLY if the world has been thoroughly destroyed up to 50k blocks from spawn, experiences issues with lag, generation, or mob AI behavior that cannot be fixed by normal means.

The server's purpose is to provide a raw unfiltered vanilla Minecraft experience that can lead to friendly game-play or grief and destruction.

You can build and destroy anything and anyone's build. There will be no protection.

You may pvp who ever you like in whatever way you please.

Go as far out as you want for safety or fun there is no world limit in place.

Experiment with bugs and exploits to your hearts content. See directly below for terms and conditions.

!!!This server does NOT allow lag machines. This is equivalent of unaturally interfering with another players gameplay and tanking server performance for the soul purpose of slowing down gameplay mechanics to a unbearably slow rate for all players. This will be met with lag machine deletion and further direct punishment for multiple offenses.!!!

In rare cases admin involvement may be required to fix broken gameplay , chunks and blocks.

Currently the view distance is 16. Tick distance is 8.
This may be bumped up eventually.

I am currently able to host 36 players. All of this is still experimental by design. Server updates in tandem with latest public build asap.

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