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Selfmade public Family and Friends Server

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Selfmade public Family and Friends Server
Status Online! Pinged: 03/02/21
Game VersionMinecraft Bedrock 1.16.10
This is a Bedrock/Java family Server
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Hi there...

If you are looking for an interesting, multiworld, crossplay and docker self hosted Minecraft spigot Server, than you are free to connect and enjoy.

I use several modern Plugins like the great Geyser and floodgate plugin. So Java Minecraft Players are also very welcome to play. Thx to floodgate, no login with a different user is necessary. With ViaVersion and ViaBackwards its is possible to join the Server with nearly any Version.

The Server-Universe is big... so please check the Dynmap Website here first.

Free Worlds:

    The rest of the worlds are closed but you still can check them at the Dynmap Website.

    Important: If you are using "older" mobile Device Clients and or a slow Internet Connection, you have to connect several times to the server. If you are affected, you will get an "connection time out" Message. (fixed)

    Technical overview:
    For all TechNerds, here are some technical Details.

    Selfmade public Family and Friends Server Minecraft Bedrock Server
    Docker-Container: here


    This is my first own minecraft server hosting. Everything should be fine to play. If not...please write in the comments. At the moment and for the next weeks, I am rendering two worlds from the great Minecraft Earth Tiles Project by MattiBorchers.

    You can watch them render at the following links:

    Earth Map (1:500) : Overviewer (not finished), Dynmap (not startet)
    Europe Map ( 1:100) : Overviewer (not finished), Dynmap (not started)

    Minecraft Docker-Server current Systemload / one week review (realtime)

    Selfmade public Family and Friends Server Minecraft Bedrock Server

    Selfmade public Family and Friends Server Minecraft Bedrock Server
    CreditEpicQuestz, ShadowPlayz95, InnovaCreation, artemin01, LightFalcon1, itzg
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