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Existential Reasoning

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avatar ThermoNuclear
Level 13 : Journeyman Dragon
Why did you do that.
I don't like it.
Get out of here.
we don't need you.
You messed up.
Stop it.
Just an opinion.
Don't worry about it, hide your feelings fool.
Stop being such a baby, everybody is made the same.
Your no different than me, except the fact you look and sound stupid.
Quit being such an idiot.

Ok lmao I went to a dance on Saturday at my school and I got the most votes for the 7th grade boys. I basically won that.
Instead of being prince of that dance I rather be princess. mental pain.

I want to dump a pile of cheese on top of the burnt looking part of that church in france.
Make it yellow, not blue, blue is for babies you undeveloped monkey.

I feel good.

Working out is painful. If it is not for you, then you only have enough muscle to sit your butt back down in that chair so you can eat your pizza in peace. Junk food should not exist.

She believed

If your like Sweetstrawberry, remember its ok to weigh 100 pounds in 6 or 8th grade, infact its normal.

<--People love him, they--> hate him.


I tried doing this one thing and I stopped, it broke, I want to do it again, but nobody else does, just once please. Why is there nobody like me, I know so many people admire me, but I want to be alone with someone.

I hear this screaming sometimes and try to cover it. Its somebody I know, or knew. They didn't die.
Last time I saw them, they walked away.

They left the trash behind, they only want more problems. Fix me, Please, Its all I know. Help.

That unusually large monkey stole my icecream, now im gonna get my whip and call for the battlehounds.

We were balanced, he was good at one thing, or great at it, he made fun of everyone, then he died. Too bad he forgot how to survive A man with an Assault rifle using the teacher as a shield.

She would not stop yelling at me, I could not think or feel. It hurt.
I punched her in the face, she got up and kept yelling, I did it again, harder. More people came and yelled.
I just kept hitting them all, they kept coming. After they all were cold on the floor, I spoke. I felt I earned my words.
"I like you, but your a problem, and you act like it does not matter, until it hurts you".

The dust in the wind made many plants, the bees died.
No more plants. No more dust. No more people.

Im tired of imagining this putrid rock as the best thing ever to exist, its a trashcan now, and its ready to be melted down and remade into one big metal ball, but we are the rust, and we sure are not staying on.
I was built to feel, survive, expand, and kill.
Nothing kills me anymore, except myself.

They laughed at me and said that I had an Abnormally large tumor on my fore-arm, I cut the tumor off, I bled to badly, my arm felt dead. I carried around a uranium knife, I cut every single one of them. They may or may not get a tumor, but at least they will feel the pain of being dead.

All the squares cheered him on, they loved him. The circles hated him, he did not know why they hated him, he wanted to make them happy, they always tried and make him do bad then say he is wrong, he finally spoke out and said "I think you want me to do wrong, Instead of making others suffer to be better, you could have asked. Theifs are badly punished, and you are one"
The squares turned into circles. They all ate him.

Can you stop?
CreditLife and my problems.

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  • Subpartikel
  • Level 24
  • Expert Architect
  • April 19, 2019, 5:17 pm
ehh needs more despacito spiders
bruh moment
  • Viking_Jr
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • April 16, 2019, 12:10 pm
You will understand later.
Its fast. easy. But multi perspective.
Not everyone is in the same group, but there are types of things, and people.

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