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Level 2 : Apprentice Ranger
AJ looked around curiously at the pool of Hypracon that hovered in, around, and above the stadium.

“So, what’s this about?” One of the younger Hypracons piped questioningly. “I suppose it’s about the recent cries from the planet Earth?” Said another, Older Hypracon. “I think it’s about the murder of the king!” Roared a third Hypracon. “The king was murdered?!” Asked the first Hypracon sounding as if in anguish. “Yes, just last night the king was found, stabbed in the crest with a sword on Cybertron!” The third dragon snarled through his teeth. “How could they do such a thing!” The second cried. “I heard that Cybertron was left in ruins, and everyone was killed, or left to find a better life!” Chimed a fourth. “Impossible!” Hissed the youngest. “If it IS about the-“ But the second was cut off by the blare of Middle C on a guitar, and the racket stopped.

The guitar note faded after a full minute. AJ Replied with a High B, as did most of the Hypracons, and soon they were all playing a High B, and the note resonated from the ‘speakers’ in their wings, and or chests. She looked at the one who sounded the first note. The ‘speaker’ was an older Hypracon, tall and wise looking. AJ growled in a respectful tone, and manner. She recognized the speaker as Zoka, the eldest of all Hypracon, besides the Cybertronian Elders. Zoka heard her rumble, nodded lightly and began to speak.

“Hypracons! We gather today for an enormous amount of trouble! The first reason being a Leader. As most of us know the King was murdered with a sword, by who is unknown. That is true,” A wave of murmurs spread around the stadium, and Zoka let the murmurs die before continuing. “The sword used was...” Zoka made a choking noise. “Elgardium.” Zoka rasped the name out, and many of the Hypracon hissed furiously. AJ felt her insides burn. She knew… They all knew the Elgardium- She could barely think of the name without choking -was the sword used by the Decepticons many years ago to destroy a large number of Predacon, and Hypracon. “Jackie, is it true?” another Hypracon had slithered up beside her, and AJ hadn’t noticed. She looked at the speaker, it was one of her fellow crew, Sonar. Sonar was in his slim lizard-like form. Sonar had always been the quiet one, and sometimes AJ appreciated that very much, other times it was distracting feeling him, and not hearing him. AJ nodded grimly then looked back at Zoka. "I forget you don’t talk as much as us…” Sonar said sounding slightly put out.

“This hasn’t happened in 1 million years! How are we supposed to choose a leader if we don’t know how our ancestors did it?!” A Hypracon cried. A few joined in, sending stray music notes from one side of the stadium to the other. AJ strung a strong, Middle C from her chest and the music notes that had appeared danced to the ground, gracefully disappearing. The other Hypracons looked startled, then quieted. Sonar gasped with delight.

AJ hadn’t really been one to make much sound at all unless spoken to. That fact separated her from many others, and allowed her to hear things others didn’t. AJ smiled slightly, returning her gaze to Zoka and quickly returned to her normal grimace. Zoka smiled. “I know a few ways already.” A few Hypracons rumbled clearly at a disadvantage with AJ’s Middle C. A few growled low, fierce growls.

AJ changed into her Dragon-like form, and sat down as if all was well. “As for choosing a new Leader, a few Elders, and I will arrange trials for this occasion. Meeting dismissed until further notice.” Zoka lifted from the ground, and flew away, a few of the other Elders following. AJ watched as the Elders flew over to the more Official looking caverns, then lifted off the ground, and waited for Sonar at the exit of the Stadium. “How did you do the C?!” Sonar laughed, teasingly. AJ thought for a moment, shrugged, and then ran after Sonar, and a few more of her team.

“That was amazing, Jackie!” breathed another of her teammates, Storm Shock. AJ landed. “We need to find a better name then AJ, or Jackie. Maybe… MC-J” Commented her team captain. AJ pretended to look hurt, then they all laughed. They talked while repairing, and organizing their ship which was ruined from the latest attack. They talked about the sword, they talked about the new leader, they talked about flight formations, they talked about their recent promotion to scouts. “AJ, if you ever became a Leader would you still consider coming on missions with us?” Sonar asked curiously. “Of course, I wouldn’t just consider! I’d accept every chance I got!” They all laughed again “Would y-“

But AJ didn’t finish, she suddenly looked towards the sky, looking at a special star in particular… It was supposed to be Earth, and her favorite star. She gazed at it, listening hard. She heard something… an echo? No, she could READ it. No that wasn’t right either… She snapped out of her trance, feeling her team’s eyes staring worriedly at her. She looked at them. “What?” She asked, feeling strange. “You were asking something, and then you stopped, and looked at the sky…” Shadow Ripper replied worriedly. “I… I think… I’m gonna go take a walk, I better clear my head.” AJ walked away; she didn’t even notice the worried musical notes dancing around her friend’s heads.

She only glanced up once during her walk, in time to notice she almost walked into someone. She dodged around them. “Sorry.” She barely whispered. “No problem.” The stranger said, and continued walking. She walked mindlessly through the ‘woods’ of her strange home. “I heard something… I KNOW I heard something… Heard isn’t even the right word though… And neither is read…” She mumbled to herself, she sighed, closing her eyes, and opened them again. “It’s not so bad-“ She gasped. She saw a Decepticon standing over a dying Hypracon. She snarled furiously. She pulled her gun out, and fired at the Decepticon. They dodged, she ran towards the dying Hypracon, and pulled into a sliding position, ducked behind a tree, then dodged into the clearing they both had been in.

She raced over to the Hypracon. He had been stabbed, and torn at in places, and multiple times. “That’s not a Deception mark stab mark though…” AJ glanced at the terrified Decepticon, and saw a destroyed ship in the clearing behind them. She pulled out a bandage, and wrapped the Hypracons wounds. She let a gentle, soothing sound resonate from her chest. “C’mon, don’t die!” AJ muttered nervously. She took a good look at the Hypracon. She recognized them as one of the ones that accused Zoka, their name was Fade. She changed into her Dragon-Like form, and hoisted Fade onto her back, spread her wings, and flew away from the clearing to get proper help. She ignored the cries of fear, and despair from the Decepticon, and flew towards the city.

10/29/2020 9:02 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Ranger
I hope you like the beginning to my book 'Dragon Mask'!

This is only the introduction of what I have so far, so if you want more feel free to tell me!
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