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| Beyond The Walls - A Minecraft Village Story | Chapter 2 - Awake Again.

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On the day of my awakening after the incident, the other citizens of the village believed that my hours were numbered. Every day, my parents, with black circles under their eyes and their noses stained with tears, would open our little beige door to their friends clutching roses and dandelions , trading condolences , as well as saying that it should have never happened and that it must be heart-breaking. Being the quiet people that they were, they would accept these gifts and thank them for their being concerned before sending them on their way. The residents were adamant about it ; they believed my remaining half - heart would give up on me.

Darkness was all I could observe within my prison of unconsciousness. Then, minuscule rays of sunlight began to bleed through the abyss. I was regaining consciousness. Gradually, my sight began to recover. At first, it was obscured, everything and everyone was an indistinct blur of colour. Then, it focused. I blinked. I was awake. I was alive.

I awoke to see a cluster of around 5 people, excluding my parents and the local doctor, stooping over my frame. Their eyes widened and their dark eyebrows ascended as they all shrieked in unison , " SHE'S ALIVE !!!! " I was slightly dazed ; do you blame me ? I had just escaped the overcast prison of being physically dead to the world, and the introduction they give me is a bellow of voices and stamping feet!

"Leave the poor lass alone ! " The medical professional's voice boomed like a megaphone over the room as he approached me. He explained the whole situation. Allegedly , a creeper had combusted near me , which consequently knocked me out, with only half a heart remaining. Unfortunately, Mr Cabin was inside the house with the creeper outside. When it exploded, it had killed him. The funeral was due to take place tomorrow, however it would be too traumatising for me to attend. I was also too weak. I had to take potions of regeneration and healing to restore my health. It was all rather a lot to process. But I managed. Just about.

As I brushed my lengthy, scarlet hair out of my bold emerald eyes, I enquiried , " How long have I been in out cold for ? " My parents stare at me before saying , " A week. We thought you were dead, Josie ... "

It was the worst time of my life, yet I still recollected it as if it were yesterday. I hated the village, it's low standards of education and low survival rate for non-testificate citizens when they are perceived experienced enough to leave. It was too dangerous to go without an education, too risky for me to stay in fear of dying due to the lack of sufficient protection. Too likely for me to die when they wave goodbye so I could live my own life. It was time to leave. It was taboo, they didn't allow it, but I had to do it ,my friends would aid me.

It was my only option after all.
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