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noblebob123 avatar noblebob123
Level 17 : Journeyman Architect



Hello everyone,

Nobleblob here and today I am going to be telling you guys

how to make a amazing mod app and

improve your chances of getting Mod/Staff on

your selected server!






The Server






Ending it




Okay everyone, lets start with what is a App? A App(Application) is like

applying for a job, its basically a virtual CV so you need to make it good!

In some ways a Minecraft server staff position can be like a Job, you need to

be dedicated, you need to spend time, you can get promoted and many

other similarities.


App's come in different styles, im going to be

covering the main type of one. However if you

want advice on other type of apps (In-game, etc)

then just post in the comments!


An app is usually something you

have to supply info with, for example, your In-game name,

your age and many other things.

Here is an example app:

In-game Name:



Why do you deserve staff?:

Who trusts you?:

This is just a example app and apps can

be very diffrent!


The Server

This section hasnt got that much to say because

most servers ask the same question in apps, like

"In-game name, Age, Why do you want staff, etc".

However please do be aware that the larger

the type of server you are playing on the

better quality they expect your app to be

because inevitably they want better quality staff.

Also please note that some server's might

have age restriction to be staff because they

want "Mature" staff. Persoanlly I think this is

****Shit because I know 10 year olds who are

more mature than 16 year olds, but if you are

young make sure to do a excellent app to

show how mature you are!



This is the part where things get tricky. Get out a pen and

paper and try think of things that would make you a good

staff! For example try note things down

like (Only do things that are true):

Im a mature person

I have lots of experience

I can help people

I dont swear

Have a clean record

Good builder

Good coder

Fun guy

Make sure when you are listing things

you only do things that are true because if you

put stuff like "I never grief" when you are known

to do it alot, how are people going

to trust the rest of things in your app?

Another good thing to add to your idea list is to

add references, for example put stuff like:

"Your a amazing guy" - ARandomOldDudeFrom123

"Great Builder" - BobbyXJgh

"Real nice guy" - GhGh123123

(Please note the names are

totally random)

Personally I think listing your ideas is a very important part of creating apps

because you are listing your good side and thats really important

when you are creating your Minecraft app.



Writing your app is a the main part of your app because you

need to show how much effort you

are willing to put into creating your app and inevitably

into the server you are trying to join!

Here is an example app:

In-Game name:


Why do you deserve staff?:

How can you improve the server?:

Im going to show you guys how to

defiantly NOT wright this app then some

helpful tips on writing your ACTUAL app!. Note: Please remember though you

also need to be liked on the server though!.

Please note when making your app the

grammer and spelling must also be PERFECT!

Here is a example of how not to write it (Multiple Examples):

In-game name: nobleblob123

Age: 13

Why do you deserve staff?: I deserve staff because people like me, I am a amazing raider!!!!!!!!!! I make

really good builds!! Id make you Owner on my server if you made me Mod on your


How can you improve the server?: I can build amazing builds!!!!!!!

There are lots of things wrong with this. I am going to write a good version of

the app and then show you how to improve yours to!

In-game name: nobleblob123

Age: 13

Why do you deserve staff?: I think I deserve staff on this server because I have

helped it along the way and 'BobMan123' said "I am a real credit to the server". I am a amazing

builder. Here is something I made:

[Please note I just got this of google and didnt make it]

I am a good raider but I dont raid to much so thats okay. If I was made Mod

I would advertise for you and help make the server a better


How can you improve the server?: I would make amazing Mini-Events and help

other more experienced more staff members with there builds to!

Important Note: Your app should be longer because I am doing

this on a imaginary server and including no server

details. Your app should! Also this isnt aimed at

a huge server. If it was I would do 1 Thousand Words!

Can everyone see the difference in the app quality?

I have added references and made it much longer! Plus I haven't

tried bribe'ing people which is a BIG no no.

One last thing. Make sure you re-read your app to check any errors

and maybe you can even fit more things in!


Ending it

Ending your app is always a nice thing. There isn't much to add but please

remember the last thing you put is the last thing they will

remember of your app so dont put it bad. Make it something really

positive :D




I hope you guys enjoyed reading. I made all of this from experience

except the photo of a building which I got from Google!.

Any problems and comment below to!

Have a Nice day and remember to Diamond/Favourite/Comment

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10/06/2013 5:38 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
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This really helped get MOD on a server! Thankyou! I will always use your guide! WebRepOverall ratingThis site has no rating(not enough votes)
06/16/2013 11:18 am
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Boba Boss
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06/15/2013 11:10 am
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Boba Boss
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11/05/2013 8:53 am
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11/08/2013 6:09 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Warrior
Boba Boss
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i know they are viruses but i got m account a long time ago
06/15/2013 11:11 am
Level 17 : Journeyman Architect
noblebob123 avatar
:OOOO Guess what. I dont care mate. Plus you have to complete some stupid survey.
06/16/2013 11:17 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Warrior
Boba Boss
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