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-[=Making Secret Doors=]-

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When will I be back avatar When will I be back
Level 24 : Expert Dolphin
Hello! Having a hard time keeping your things safe? Well, i'm here to teach you simple ways to make hidden doors! Although most people in PVP servers would just blow your house, these doors keep you safe from minor raids! Let's get started!

Cauldron Door
You may have seen this door before but, in case you haven't i'll show you how to make it!

First, place the cauldron and build some kind of wall behind it and break the block behind the cauldron. (I'm using glass to show you more clearly)--__zpsafdapng

Next, place a redstone comparator behind the cauldron. Make sure the two points are facing torwards the cauldron! Then place a restone repeater so the comparator's signal goes through the repeater's.--__zpscffbepngAfterwards, link redstone from the repeater and wire it to your piston's opening area. Make a 7 block deep hole ahead of the block your piston will be pushing.--__zpsbfddcfpngPut water at the bottom of the hole to cushion your fall. Make a cavern or some sort to store yourvaluables! When ready, hope your server (unless in singleplayer) has /home command and then fill the cauldron with a water bucket ad the hole should close! (To take out the water use glass bottles to close the hole.Tip:Keep a infinity water resource at your home to fill your bucket) You can make a juke box door with the same steps but, instead of using the cauldron and water, use a disk and juke box!

Old Fashion Painting Door
In this secret door, all you will need is a pressure plate, door (any kind), and a painting of course.

First, make a 4 by 4 wall and break 3 blocks in the middle like the photo shown below. Then set a pressure plate on the left top one and a door on the other.--__zpsfcdpng
After, place the painting one block below the pressure plate. It should cover both door and plate. Then finally, throw a item where the pressure plate is, and the door should open!--__zpsfcbbpng
Piston Doors

Finally we have our last door which is known the most! Piston doors!

First, build a any size wall and place one block behind it like the photo below! Then, place a torch behind it in any place. Next, wire it to two pistons (I used a repeater to increase the power strength longer).--__zpseefpng Then place a lever behind the torch on the other side of the wall. Flick it to make the pistons move backwards. Finally, make a 7 deep hole where the pistons hide when there is no lever. Make a cavern or some sort to hide your goods and again, hope your server has /home! Optional, place a item frame on the spot where the lever goes to remind where the spot is.

Now, I hope you found this tutorial helpful or interesting! It took me a couple hours to make it! If you did enjoy reading it, please click the ShinyBlue Gemfor me! Thanks!

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02/12/2014 2:49 am
Level 38 : Artisan Cake
cakeface avatar
Awesome tutorial, thanks!

02/12/2014 5:55 pm
Level 24 : Expert Dolphin
When will I be back
When will I be back avatar
Thank you! I'm glad it helped you
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