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[1.13+] Making Kill Skills in Minecraft

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How to make Kill Skills in Minecraft

What are Kill Skills?

You know those Games where if you kill an enemy, you gain a short buff?

Here in this tutorial, I'll be showing you how to detect if a player kills an entity and then apply effects to that player.


This is essentially also a tutorial on how to place effects on players who have killed an entity, or can be specified to killing players instead. The effects are not necessarily required to be potion effects as you can change what command you run on players who have killed an entity. For example, you can kill an entity and have the killer teleport 5 blocks forward, or you can punish those who kill by immediately triggering an imprisoning function, it is up to you.

First of all:

we'll be making a scoreboard objective:

[1.13+] Making Kill Skills in Minecraft

Everyone has different situations on how they're planning to use this tutorial.

You see, we can actually detect IF a player killed a specific mob using the criteria minecraft.killed:minecraft:<entityname>

But for now we're just trying to make a Kill Skill where IF the player kills any entity

so we'll be using totalKillCount

[1.13+] Making Kill Skills in Minecraft

Now if a player kills any entity, that player gets a score.

Now we can detect if a player has killed an entity.

But we're making Kill Skills, and not all players must have that Kill Skill (meaning in multiplayer, some players must not have the skill. Meaning some players might have skill1 and skill2 and some players might have skill1 only and some players might not have any skills at all. Right now the scoreboard only detects players who have killed any entity)

How do we act on a player who has killed an entity AND who ALSO has the skill unlocked (meaning IF a player has that skill unlocked or IF that player HAS the Kill Skill or not)

It's Simple... we tag them.

The new /tag command in 1.13 is SUPER useful and incredibly simple!

Say this Player A has the Kill Skill, then we simply tag him using /tag <target> add killSkill1

Let's say for the Kill Skill we have, we gain Strength and Haste for more Damage and Attack Speed if you kill an entity.

the commands we'll be using are
/effect give <target> minecraft:strength <seconds> <amplifier> <hideParticles>
/effect give <target> minecraft:haste <seconds> <amplifier> <hideParticles>

To target any player with the Kill Skill who has killed an entity, we're going to focus on the <target> argument in those commands.

The steps that I first told you should already have clicked in your mind, simply:
[1.13+] Making Kill Skills in Minecraft


will detect all players who has the skill and has killed an entity.

You will run the effect commands on a Repeating, Always Active Command Block.

Then set up a Chain Command Block with Unconditional following the Initial Repeating Command Block to add more effects, for this tutorial we are going to add strength and haste so copying the command above we only need to change the minecraft:effect

After those three Command blocks will be a "resetter" to reset the score of the players who got those effects.

This will reset their score to 0 then once they kill again, it'll activate the system and place an effect on them before resetting to 0 again.

Final Command Block Setup:

That's it for this Tutorial

If you found it helpful please leave a Diamond as it really helps in fueling my motivation while I still have some.

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