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Local Water level -- Adds the ability to have water in caves at different y levels.

Ore Viens -- Vaguely Mentioned during Minecraft Live, adds larger concealed or camouflaged veins of ore, used for copper.

Amethyst Geodes -- A small spherical cave of Geode casing with amethyst blocks and crystals inside

Mesh Caves -- Possibly an expansive system of claustrophobic cave/tunnels that may sometimes be vertical

      Cave Biomes

    Lush Caves


Axolotl -- Fish-like predator found in water in the Lush Caves. Neutral, but will attack Drowned, Guardians, Elder Guardians, and, Fish. They have 5 colors, can play dead, and, be tamed. They can regenerate health quickly when playing dead.


Azaela leaves and roots -- Parts of the Azaela tree which marks the entrance to a Lush Caves Biome, the leaves are as you would expect plus flowers, the trunk is made of oak, and the roots spawn directly beneath the tree and look like soul sand mixed with dirt. There is also a transparent vine-like root block that comes of this root block

Dripleaf Plants -- A type of flower whose top you are able to stand on for a couple of seconds, then it collapses and you fall. Has multiple height varieties.

Moss Block -- A dark grass-like block with the same texture on all sides, registered as transparent though there are no missing pixels.

Moss Carpet/Grass Carpet -- A pixel tall edition of the Moss Block

Spore Blossom -- A pink flower that can open and close, when oped it emits particles, is upside down and hangs from lush cave roofs.

Glow berry vines -- A lime vine that emits light and produces Glow berries.


Glow berries -- An edible light source from Grow Berry Vines in the Lush Caves

Bucket of Axolotl -- Similar to a bucket of fish, but with Axolotl.

          Deep Dark


Warden -- A 3 block tall mob, that is blind and only detects you through sound(see below in game mechnics). Move quicker if you hit it, resists knockback, after enough hits it will lock on to you regardless of sound. It spawns in the Deep Dark next to Wardens Dungeons. It has a weak spot in its center, it deals 30 damage and has over 80 health.


Skulk Block, Chute, and, Growth -- The block is completely covered in a texture resembling the end portal, the Chute has that texture strewn on its top but has and endstony texture beneath it, and the growth is a pixel tall variant of the block but with transparent holes that can stack like snow

Skulk Sensor -- A slab that can detect sounds like the warden, looks like an end portal mixed with grass block, plus has dark flowers on top of it that light up when it detects sound, also emits a particle when it does.

Marble(maybe) -- A block that looks like gray bricks and is found instead of stone in the Deep Dark

Shale -- A brown block with swirls.

Candles :D -- A light source that works like sea pickles but above water, come in white and black, spawn in the Deep Dark.

Game Mechanics

Sound -- You will now produce sound whenever a projectile lands, you move while not sprinting, open anything, activate a piston, hit something, or, break or place blocks. This can be detected by the Warden and the Skulk Sensor.

Wool Oclussion -- if there is a wool barrier between a sound and it's receptor, it's receptor can't hear it.

Dimming Light -- Intermittently in the Deep Dark a black effect will darken the screen from the corners in. Only in the Deep Dark if the Warden is near.

Dripstone Caves


Stalactite -- A spike hanging from the ceiling with a slightly pink correlation that drips water that can fill a cauldron. Sometimes can fall, then break. Most likely placed like vines.

Stalagmite -- A spike on the floor which damages those who fall on it.



Clay Pot -- A grey clay textured pot on which artifacts can be attached, when fire is placed under it for a couple seconds it changes into a terracotta textured pot to match the artifacts. 8 shards per pot.


Brush -- Used to brush away dirt from around an artifact at a Dig Site to get the artifact, has a blue and brown variety.

Artifacts -- Obtained by repeatedly right clicking on dirt at a Dig Site with a brush, can be attached to clay pots to decorate them, many many varieties such as: Steve, Alex, Skeleton, Tree, Pillager, and, Ender Dragon. Look like shards of clay with pictures.

Game Mechanics

Brushing -- At a Dig Site if you repeatedly right click on a block of gravel or dirt with a brush it will get smaller in height by 1 pixel per click, if you stop midway everything disappears, if you don’t a shard might be revealed.

Dig Sites -- A naturally generated structure that includes a hole in which you can do Brushing.



Copper Ore -- An orange ore block which generates in the new Ore Veins.

Copper Block -- An block with 4 quadrant tiles, it has stair and slab variants, it starts out orange but then ages into a blueish green.

Lighting Rod -- An orange stick with a ball on the end that make it so that all nearby lighting hits it.


Telescope -- An item which when used turns your screen black apart from a circle in the middle which is zoomed in to where you are looking. Looks like pirates telescope.

Game Mechanics

Aging -- Allows places Copper Blocks to go thru different chronological stages as time happens. Can somehow be frozen.

Lighting movement -- Allows for a block, the lightning rod to have all lightning that would have hit near it be place on it.



Goats -- A passive mob that looks like a taller but smaller and retextured polar bear with horns, can jump over 5 blocks and that lives in the mountains. Can be bred with wheat, produces multiple offspring per breeding. I hostile to cows. Is neutral to player. Avoids Powder snow. Tries to push player of cliffs, has reduced fall damage. Tries to attack trees, when it does this a goat horn appears in front of the tree on the side where the goat hit it.


Powder snow -- A block that looks just like snow but, with more contrast, and you will fall through it at a slower rate like cobwebs, but quicker. Works like a quicker cobweb. When the players head is in the corners of the screen have a frost.

Game Mechanics

New mountain generation!



Limestone -- Whitish block found underground

Amethyst Crystal -- purple crystal with either two growth stages or two versions, one small and one big. found in Amethyst geodes

Amethyst Block -- A purple block that looks like a chorus flower, found in amethyst geode


Bundle -- An Item which can store 1 stack of items, but those items don’t have to be the same.

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