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1/4 scale Star Wars Secutor

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DeltaTwoEcho avatar DeltaTwoEcho
Level 5 : Apprentice Miner
Size 625 x 520 x 115
Not as pretty as my Venator but graceful just the same. It took approximately 600 hours to build and was based off a model by Ansel Hsiao @ fractalsponge.net. You should check out his work. I am a small builder who uses his time to dull the boredom. My youtube channel appreciates quality constructive feedback. I don't do this to grow a channel but it impresses my children when they hear about some guy building massive space ships. I have also just now realized how long 150 words is and cannot find any real reason to have to speak so much. If you think I am rambling now, We are only at 118 words. You can go back and count...but that's what the number in the right hand bottom corner says...though you cannot see it while reading this///trust me.

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