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10 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Illagers

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10 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Illagers

Disclaimer: Many of the facts you might already know could be on here. The author of this article will not be responsible for such circumstances.

Hello everyone! Today I will be telling you about facts you probably didn't know about the illagers in Minecraft.

I know the "illagers" in Minecraft could be interesting topics to talk about, from their hatred of villagers, players, and iron golems to their alliance with witches. We will be covering ten of the most interesting illager facts on here, but many others are still on the internet.

Well, what are we waiting for? Let's start!

#1 - Unarmed Pillagers are Passive

In case most players do not know, these hostile hoarders have a soft side. It is possible to break its crossbow by making the pillager use it enough times. If the pillager's crossbow breaks, they will not attack anything, not even a villager they saw or an iron golem that attacked it.

Unarmed pillagers can also be summoned using the following command:

/summon pillager ~ ~ ~ {}

Pillagers without a crossbow will still prevent the player from sleeping and despawn if the player goes 128 blocks away from it.

#2 - As Long as a Pillager Doesn't Have a Crossbow, it is Passive

You knew that pillagers without a weapon are passive. Now, most players do not know this one!

Due to recent tests, pillagers that do not have a crossbow are passive. Giving them another weapon, such as an iron sword, will not cause it to attack anything, even when whacked hard on the face by the two mighty arms of your village's iron golem.

#3 - Pillagers Have the Biggest Chance of Being the First Raid Captain During a Raid

Which illager has the greatest chance of being the raid captain during a raid? If you're like most players, you'd probably guess the vindicator. I guess you're right but on one condition.

In the beginning wave of each raid, pillagers have the greatest chance of being the raid captain. Although vindicators have a greater chance of being the captain in later waves, even the second wave, pillagers will nearly always be the head coach of the raid.

#4 - Unarmed Vindicators Attack Like Zombies

Do you know what will happen if you summoned a vindicator without its lovely iron axe? Many players assume that the vindicator will still attack like normal, but without their axe in their hand. That is Bedrock Edition stuff, and we're talking about Java Edition in this fact. That means that vindicators attack like zombies, with both of their arms raised slightly but moving at their normal attacking speed.

This also means that vindicators without their axe, even with another weapon, will attack that way.

#5 - Evokers Never Use Their Totems

Many players know that evokers drop totems of undying upon death, but why won't they use it, even when they are about to get killed?

Evokers believe that their magic abilities, such as summoning evoker fangs or vexes, is enough to save their own lives. They never use their powerful totems.

#6 - Naming a Vindicator "Johnny" Will Cause it to Attack Every Mob Except Other Illagers

Naming a vindicator "Johnny", not "johnny", will make it so angry it will attack every entity, except other illagers and players in creative or spectator mode. This is a reference to The Shining, where a man breaks open a door using an axe and says "Here's Johnny!".

In Java Edition, "Johnny" vindicators attack ravagers as well since ravagers are not considered an illager. Even their witch allies will not live in the sight of a "Johnny" vindicator. "Johnny" vindicators will be great figures in mob battles, apart from the wither and the zoglin.

This famous fact is known by most players, but naming a vindicator "johnny" will not cause it to attack every entity. This is a rude violation of a name since most names have to be capitalized.

#7 - Illagers can attack each other in Bedrock Edition

Note that this strange fact only works in Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, any illagers can start a fight if accidently damaged by another illager. This includes accidently shot pillager arrows, accidently thrown witch potions, and ravager roars.

A pillager can start a conflict with another illager, even the vindicator and the evoker, by accidently shooting it. Because ravagers are considered an illager in Bedrock Edition, ravagers also attack pillagers that accidently shot it too. Witches, unlike Java Edition witches, will attack pillagers if their arrow hits that witch instead of normally drinking a healing potion.

Although ravager roars do not damage any illagers or other ravagers (they knock back any illagers caught in its roar without damaging them and have no effect on other ravagers), they still deal damage to witches. Witches that got damaged in the ravager's roar will attack it by throwing negative splash potions at it, and that starts another fight with the ravager.

Witches will throw negative splash potions at the player, iron golems, snow golems, and any other mob that attacks the witch. Sometimes the potion hits more than the intended target, which means that illagers, ravagers, and even other witches caught in the attack will attack the witch that threw that potion which damaged them. Really bloody mob battles can really occur between illagers, even if it is an accidental mistake.

#8 - Illagers Still Talk and "Gossip" With Each Other

Illagers were once villagers, but they got kicked out because of being evil or they decided to be traitors. Because of that, many of their old traditions and things are still on them, such as their crossed arms, long robes, big noses, and slightly taller heads. One of many things a villager does every day is gossiping, or talking, with another villager. Illagers do the same.

Although these illager meanies cannot farm, sleep in beds (they probably slept in the bigger and wider beds in their mansions, but we don't really know for sure), or trade, they can still open doors, climb ladders, and of course, gossiping with another illager. These are many things that villagers used to do. This proves that illagers were once villagers.

Vindicators, evokers, and the occasional illusioner gossip with another of their type, or maybe vindicators can gossip with evokers sometimes. Pillagers only stare at each other and point their crossbows, no matter if loaded or not, to anything they are looking at.

#9 - Some Illagers Can Only Use Their Default Weapon

Illagers are smart enough to craft their own crossbows and iron axes, but they cannot use another illager's weapon. Examples include pillagers, vindicators, evokers, or illusioners, and possibly witches (they can't use any weapon).

Giving a pillager or an illusioner another weapon except for their crossbows or bows will make them not attack any mob or the player at all, although the illusioner can cast spells but cannot attack with its new weapon.

Vindicators cannot use crossbows or bows properly. Instead, they use it as a melee weapon, dealing the same damage as an unarmed vindicator.

Evokers and witches cannot use any weapon at all, except for their magical powers, which they can summon entities such as evoker fangs and vexes or throw harmful splash potions at their targets.

#10 - Illagers Help Each Other in Java Edition

See an army of vindicators and evokers far away from you during your woodland mansion expedition? Think twice before you grab that ranged weapon of yours and hit one of the greyish figures on the head with it!

Although illagers are not as nice to each other in Bedrock Edition unlike Java Edition, these guys could really have never-ending relationships. For example, hitting an illager from far away, all illagers of that type that are in the same area of the hit illager will turn on the mob/player that attacked it, even if it's really far away and woodland mansion illagers do not naturally attack from far away since their sight is a bit restricted, unlike the pillagers. Illagers do not help another illager that is not their type, such as a pillager will not help a damaged vindicator and vice versa.

Pillagers have a greater way of attacking rather than their vindicator, evoker, or ravager cousins. They attack their intended target on sight from far away, rather than the ravager attacking targets on sight but closer than the pillager of the vindicator or evoker, which attacks if their target gets too close to it.

Remember: Pillagers attack their target on sight, even from far away, while vindicators and evokers attack their target if it comes close within 10 blocks of distance. Ravagers attack their target on sight, but it has a terrible detection range compared to pillagers. This makes pillagers difficult hostile mobs to shake off and many players choose to kill the pillager as village iron golems do instead of running away.

So will you take your bow and shoot a vindicator and an evoker on the head (nice headshots!) and cause a swarm of angry vindicators, evoker fangs, and flying vexes flying at you or will you rather call in help from your iron golem army? It's up to you! You're the player after all!


Here comes the end of our blog and the ten mysterious illager facts I found. I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you for your time!
CreditI got most of these facts from the internet, but a few were found on the Official Minecraft Wiki and other similar websites. I wrote everything MYSELF, I didn't copy any exact text from the sources. The main photo is made by me.

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Another random fact: Giving a mob a totem of undying in its hands will actually make it use it to cheat death! If a mob is summoned with multiple totems, it uses one every time it cheats death!
09/12/2021 10:38 pm
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beautiful reference to the series 10/10
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