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10 Minecraft Hardcore Survival Goals! *Plus bonus goals*

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                                                                      Goal list for Minecraft Hardcore mode

1. Make a base (obviously)
2. Get a sustainable food source (animal farm/crops)
3. Make a mine next to your base
4. Turn the base into a village with your house as town hall (if theres a village get some villagers to move in!)
4 1/2. HOLY CRAP THE GIANTS WON!!! (murica)
5. Make a mob arena (for exp purposes)
6. Get some pets (horse, dog, cat, ect)
7. Find diamonds and make an enchantment table/bookcases (assuming you have iron items)
8. Enchant your items (worthy enchantments for next goal)
9. Go to the Nether and find most of the needed materials (netherwart, blazerods for potions/wither skulls for bonus goal)
10. Go to the End and kill the Ender Dragon (expecting you did the most you could before ending the game)

a. Fight the Wither (also hope you win)
b. Catch a ghast and cage it in the Over World (1.8 or 1.7, idk which one has bigger Nether portals)
c. Roleplay a bit with your village (idk make your own goals to interact with the villagers)
d. Install some mods (try the Yogscast Complete Pack in the ATLauncher)

Feel free to link in a Youtube channel if you're making a Minecraft series
Also you are able to think of more goals and put it in the comments for other people if you want!


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