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10 Tips - How To Choose A Boss

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Welpjesfinx avatar Welpjesfinx
Level 43 : Master Architect
Hey guys,

Since I got asked a lot about boss types, I decided to give 10 tips on how to choose your boss.
Sit back and enjoy!

The Tab BOSS APPEARANCE is about the appearance of the boss, choosing the mob for instance. The Tab BOSS TYPE is about the type of boss you may want to choose. This is important since it may help you finding a right boss. The most obvious one, the boss you just have to kill by hand, is not mentioned.


Tip 1: Theme
Keep the theme of the surroundings in mind. Are you venturing through woods with lots of cobwebs, a spider would fit as boss. Maybe even a slime snake (a group of slimes hopping after each other thus looking like a snake) would fit. If you are withtin a volcanic area, magma cubes would fit as well as wither skeletons or a magma blob.

Tip 2: Items
If the player can acquire items, make them use these in boss battles. If you are stuck on what kind of boss to use, think of a boss against whom you can use these items. For example, if the player has a hookshot, think of a way players can latch themselves onto the boss (or something else) in order to defeat the boss. If the player has bombs, create something that needs to be blown to bits, which could be even the boss itself.

Tip 3: Former Redstone Experience
If you are an advanced redstoner, think of what you have done before with redstone and command blocks. If something could be applied to a boss in an awesome way, you could implement that. If you have created zombies before that behave like endermen, you could come up with a creative way to make a boss fight out of this. You could also watch videos on YouTube and get inspiration from there. (This is especially recommended if you are bad with redstone.)

Tip 4: Former Played Games
Can you still remember any games you have played before. I am pretty sure you do. Is there any way you could copy any bosses/enemies (and change them to your likes or to the limits of Minecraft)? Be inspired by other games, because this is how others get inspiration to make their own games often.

Tip 5: Connected Enemies
Do your bosses have any connection in any way? Are they just minions of one larger source of evil? Or do players have to kill them to acquire pieces of something? Let's take Majora's Mask for example. [SPOILER ALERT] All bosses you need to defeat (except for the final bosses) wear masks you have to collect. Let's take this idea in terms of Minecraft: you can take the concept of one boss and apply them to others. Avoid making the battles too repetetive or the same then.

Tip 6: Upgrade Enemies
Most times, the boss looks like a stronger, mutated form of enemis you have encountered around. So if you have already created surroundings and if you are on the point of making the boss fight and you simply don't know what to do, upgrade a former enemy in any way you like. If the area is full of guardians, the boss could be an elder guardian (with special effects in order to avoid a boring battle). If the area is full of the undead, the boss could be a zombie/skeleton on a zombie/skeleton horse. Of course, upgrading means that not only the boss is stronger, faster or has more health, but it also requires more skill to defeat it, so you will need to come up with great ideas.


Tip 7: The Puzzler
This boss can only be defeated by solving a puzzle like completing a parkour or solving an actual puzzle. This must be done if the boss is invincible to physical attack or can't be reached. Make sure not to overdo this or make the player repeat the same puzzle over and over, because this will get boring.

Tip 8: The Companion
This is a sub for The Puzzler, since it requires some thinking. You have a companion whose help you need to kill the boss. Think of a wolf, a pig you need to accompany. You need creativity to make something good out of this and a lot of redstone experience.

Tip 9: The Non-Body Boss
I have never seen this boss before, so I am quite sure this is my own idea. I will share it with you guys anyways. The main concept is that the boss has no body. It cannot be seen (unless there is some tactic so you can or you have a special item), apart from a few particles or something else. An old idea of mine would be a nice example: the boss fight takes place in a room with a few cables. Sometimes a trail of yellow firework particles goes through the cables (the boss). You can only defeat him by activating a water system at the right time. During the fight the boss could electrocute you, but you could never hit him or harm him with physical attacks.

Tip 10: The Structure
This one is used quite a few times. If you want to execute your plan, but no mob or redstone contraption fits the requirements for your boss, you can build a structure. Cons are that the structure is often very big, static, inanimate and slow paced. Make sure to add lots of effects and keep things interesting.

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09/24/2016 11:04 am
Level 46 : Master Mage
Raptyrn avatar
I've made several bosses that use arrows and the testfor command. shoot at a block, and stuff happens. This works REALLY well, bosses can be extremely elaborate, and there's lots of potential to do things.
06/11/2015 11:39 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Mage
cloodstool avatar
Thanks you so much for this, exactly what I needed!
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