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10 Tips for Making A Successful YouTube Channel

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When I first started YouTube, I just went in blindly, not knowing the tips that I'll be telling you in this blog post. My channel didn't do too well at first, and I wish I had known these way sooner. Since my first YouTube channel was a bit of a fail, I did some studying up on what exactly I did wrong and what to do better, and now I'm showing you what I have learned from my research.

So, here are the tips:

1. Have the channel branding heavily appeal to intended audience. This includes unique colors that get attention, simple layout, avatar appealing to intended audience, and a level of professionality appealing to audience age. Remember, a professional look isn't always the best look.

2. Have thumbnails that don't look like clickbait and that fit the style of the channel branding. They should also clearly show what the video is about without having to go along with the title of the video. It is good to show heavy emotion and even tell a little bit of a story within the thumbnails. Also try to keep the thumbnail style consistent (it's okay to do a little bit of experimenting at the start though).

3. Have a strategy to what type of content you make and stick to it. You can start out by making content on heavily watched subjects, and then move to more unique but still interesting content as your channel grows.

4. Tags are not for search results for the video to show up in, but rather for categorizing. A strategy is to include your other video titles in the tags alongside other categorization so that they are recommended one after the other and people are more likely to binge watch your videos.

5. The YouTube algorithm prioritizes words at the front of the video title, so the most important keywords should be at the start. The title should also get people intrigued so that they want to click on the video, like Dream sometimes ends his titles with "..." The YouTube algorithm also prioritizes words at the beginning of descriptions so put keywords there. YouTube also checks for keywords based on the auto-generated captions. Saying the important keywords at the start of the video can help boost the chances of it being found in searches.

6. Get your audience retention to last the entire video. This can be done by (1) having a very short explanation at the start and then getting into the action quickly, (2) using a "show don't tell" method of explaining the finer details that were not covered in the intro, (3) having a progressing story throughout the video, and (4) keeping it fast-paced with a few "breather" sections (for example, a sudden joke that breaks up the fast pace of the video would be considered a "breather" section).

7. Get viewers engaged in the video by finding any way you can to get them to comment and like, as this boosts its chances of being recommended to people by the YouTube algorithm. Even making intentional mistakes in your video will get people to comment about it correcting you while also helping out the video in searches.

Here are some don'ts when making YouTube videos:

8. If making gaming videos, don't let them be laggy. Try to have at least a consistent 29 fps (at a minimum) without lag spikes.

9. Don't record with a low bitrate. The higher the bitrate, the better the video quality will be; although too high of a bitrate will cause lag.

10. Don't have any periods with little to no commentary. A lack of commentary will get viewers bored quickly and cause them to click off of the video. An exception to this rule is during a tense moment in the video, as commentary during these moments could break the suspense of it.

I'm not good at writing conclusions, but I hope this was helpful. :)
CreditMost of these things I have learned from observing channels such as Dream, Mark Rober, and MrBeast, while also watching some tutorials on other channels. Other tips I have simply learned from experience, since I used to have my own YouTube channel.

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