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10 ways to tell if a skin is stolen

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avatar deadtrojanman
Level 31 : Artisan Goblin
It's not uncommon that you'll be browsing the latest skins and come across something that seems familiar, be it the uploader, shading style, or the very skin itself. They may very well have a plentiful amount of comments praising them, as well as diamonds that deserve to go to the original uploader. That is why I am writing this blog: to combat skin theft by showing telltale signs that a skin is stolen.

1-The uploader has an inhuman amount of skins uploaded in a short amount of time
Even some of the most skilled and talented skinners are only able to upload skins maybe twice a month.
Some of the thieves are uploading at 6 an hour.

2-The uploader has an inconsistent shading style
One skin will be minimalistic, like peytonisgreat, to full out every-pixel-is-different kind of shading, like Leostereo.

3-They have mixed skins
One skin will be flat and unoriginal, like something along the lines of this (as if they had made it them self),
and the next will be a known copy.

4-They show no sign of improvement
They have done no shading tests, no gradual increase of skill, nothing on their own original skins.

5-They are new to Planet Minecraft
It sounds bad, I know, but the fact remains if they have what looks like months of experience in a week, chances are it's not original.

If confronted, they will outright lie, even if proof can be provided.

7-No description is provided
Chances are these people are uploading as fast as they're internet can handle, with a disregard for any sort of context.

8-They have no profile picture
This is somewhat tied in to 5. Apathy is often a trait of thieves.

9-They a low level and next to no subscribers
If you steal skins, they will get removed, taking away your experience, and no one will subscribe to you.

10-You've seen it before
This is the most obvious and sure fire way to tell if a skin stolen. Usually all it takes is a search in the most popular section to find the original.

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Update #1 : 03/12/2013 4:20:58 pmMar 12th, 2013

Thank you Thadrious for pointing out the errors

03/11/2013 7:13 am
Level 22 : Expert Architect
Crafty Steve
Number 8 is a little half and half. By that I mean some people don't have a picture because they dont fill like getting one or just dont want one. I know some people are like lvl. 30 and above and have no picture
03/10/2013 7:41 pm
Level 41 : Master Nether Knight
lots of grammar and spelling errors...
03/10/2013 8:00 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Goblin
Where, may I ask?
03/10/2013 8:42 pm
Level 41 : Master Nether Knight
"They show know sign of improvement" Know should be no and... "If you steal skins, they will get removed taking away your experience, and no one will subscribe to you." there should be a comma after removed... but other then that you seem good, keep it up
03/10/2013 7:28 pm
Level 47 : Master Blockhead
Nice blog but number 2 seems a bit unfair, what if the person is getting out of their shell or is more of a variety person. I myself like to have different shading styles in my skins but still.Also number 4 seems a bit unfair two, because some PMCers are just naturaly good
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